Camera Angles

img_0104Yesterday in Digital Literacy we went down to Myrtle Park. We worked on the different styles of taking a picture or video, the main being high angle shot, low angle shot, medium shot, wide shot, close up and last but not least establishing shot. We were separated into two groups, one taking cool camera shots and the other with Mr. Featherstone playing games which made the camera shots way more intense.

For each shot I used a different strategy. For the wide shot I used panorama and for the close up I zoomed in, and for the establishing shot I got on the top set of bleachers and took a photo of the group playing together. For the high angle shot I jumped up and snapped a picture then for the low angle shot I layed down and took a picture of Sofia, the medium shot was takin right at chest level. After taking the pictures we made a comic life of the camera angles. Man I was up and down all day, I didn’t know taking pictures was so physically demanding!

I couldn’t of made this blog without Comic Life!