Coding Midpoint Reflection!

maker we have been working on being better coders, this is my reflection of coding and the app (Swift Playgrounds). Swift playgrounds is a new app Apple came out with this year. Swift playground is meant to teach kids and teens to code. I really like the app and it’s purpose.

In this app there are three goofy characters. The starting one is called byte who you move to collect gems, go through portals and toggle switches. This app is very good for beginner coders because they give you suggestions and not to hard maps, but also can be fun for better and more experienced coders.

If you are learning they give you an easy map and slowly build you up and teach you new moves but there’s not just simple little learning maps there’s also costume maps. An example of another kind of coding on Swift playgrounds  is a map were you can code it so it asks question made by you and you or a friend can respond.

So far my experience in coding and Swift playgrounds has been excellent and I hope soon every kid will be able to learn to code in school and at home whenever!


img_0308  – accomplished a map

img_0245  – accomplished a map

img_0257 – accomplished a map

img_0466 – code vid

The Process of Advertising!

In Humanities we have been assigned to make three advertisments one about a business another about earthquake preparedness and a third one about a tourist destination that is special to YOU!

The critiquing process was very helpful because it gave me a number of good ideas to improve.  We got into groups of six and showed each other our advertisements and we gave each other one helpful and specific comment.   We have gone through this process three times so far.  The critiquing process was very helpful because it gave me a few ideas about how to improve my advertisements.  A good example of one was when someone pointed out that in my tourist ad the picture was blurry and of poor quality so I found a different, clearer picture and now my ad looks much better!  Another example is when I was told that I was using a poor quality app ( called canva) that made it hard to edit photos and change the text.

I worked on three ads.  The first was my business ad and the process for that ad was to find a business willing to have me creat an advertisement for them and then work with them to create the perfect one.  I used my uncle’s tire and car software company called Costar.  He was great and willing to let me ask questions about his business.

The next ad was my tourist ad.  We each needed to find and think about a special place that people our age could visit for a holiday.  I thought it would be nice to pick the place I went to this summer in France, my great aunt’s house in Brittany.  It was a great place to visit and I wanted other people to think about it as a fun place too.

My last ad was my earthquake ad.  We had to advocate one of the causes that we had been studying in science and so I chose the earthquake preparedness as my subject.  I wanted to pick an image that would make people think and realize that you could be anywhere when an earthquake hits.  So you should always be prepared.  I think my ad gives this message very well.

Overall, I enjoyed this project, I liked learning about advertisements and especially working with my uncle on his company and potential ads for him. – Kai


img_0294  – tourist Ad

img_0324  – Business Add




Processed with Snapseed.

–  advocacy ad



img_0286  – critique notes #1


img_0248  – critique notes #2





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