What The Heck Happened In Oregon!!

On Saturday November 19, 2016 very early in the morning the PLP expedition was “a go”! We left are comfy houses to board a stinky bus with a bunch of confused teenagers and didn’t know what to expect. This trip wasn’t actually a trip it was a “Feild Study”.  A field study is a type of learning which is done outside of the classrooms filled with textbooks and work sheets. On the car ride to Oregon we were submitted to deathly boredom and it was the opposite of a party in. the USA 🇺🇸

Map of Oregon

In this blog I will be telling you all about the fun learning we had in Oregon. In Oregon the Teachers did an amazing job of incorporating the learning in to the feild study. On many days I almost forgot that it was for school and learning became funnier then ever. One of the main things we were to do on this field study was to learn more about ADVERTISING. So far we had learned about revising and the different types of ads ethos, pathos and logos. On this trip we were doing something totally different we were going to go to real company’s and try are best to make a high end photographic ADS. We were supposed to do 3 ads Tourist, Business and Disaster. Mine were Cannon Beach, South Beach State Park and Tsunami disaster ad.

What helped me with theys ads was when we were talking to the owners or staff at the company I jotted down many notes to give me an idea of all the different things they see their company as. One thing I learned from my first (hopefully not last) PLP trip was to take more pictures because at the end when you are trying to revise and work on sheets on the Oregon trip you have photos to support it. I would also like to thank Ms. Willemse and Mr. Hughes for setting it all up perfectly for us. The staff from each company knew them and graciously took precious time out of their busy day to talk to us students about their company.




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On the trip one of the most important things we needed to do was implement are experience and learning in to a fun book kind of like scrap booking. This book was a way to reflect and remember all the fun times we had, after the journey in Oregon. There were many other reasons this book was important it taught us how to make things more astetically pleasing like pictures and text. It was a reminder everyday to take pictures of are wonderful experience in Oregon. On the trip I thought my book was not doing to to well but it turns out I was much further than other people in the class room. That was because when ever I had time in the trip I used it revising that days work on the book which made its overall look outstanding!

We did many fun things on the trip but I personally think that the food made the trip what it was. The PLP class went to many different restaurants with many different foods. But overall I think that my favourite was Nisa’s Thai. First of all it had 10/10 atmosphere because it was super quaint and had a very homie vibe. The second reason I think it was the best was it had very good food in quantity. Because it is very important to me to have the perfect ratio of quality and quantity. Personally I would give my vote to the Chinese Buffet for biggest vibe killer, no offence to them but their food made me down.

Oregon was one huge learning experience for everyone in PLP. Their were many ups and downs but we pushed through and now I am ready for the next trips to come!












Cassius Reflection!

The play Julius Caesar is seen to be one of the greatest plays of all time, to better understand the confusing story of William Shakespeare we were given a task. We were each split up in groups and given a character from the play which we were supposed to study and show what we have learned with a full body poster. For this project I was stuck with Alivia, Syrah, Kailey and Robin and are character was Gaius Cassius, a Roman senator and a key role in the assassination of Caesar!

One of the most important parts of this project was the colour of the person, it was supposed to reflect the persons personality and how they were seen in society. We chose red because he was not a merciful person and was known to spread bloodshed throughout Rome. After we chose the colour we were to make a draft of what are person should look like. On it we put an assortment of different things like a baby to show he was a family man under all that armour.

One of the most important things in being in a group is communication and time management. Overall I think are group did quite well in that sector even thought we cut it to the last minute. All together we came through and everyone finished what they were supposed. There are always ups and downs in a project but ultimately we did very well in team work and spreading the work load evenly.


Every one has regrets in life some people of tons some people have one, mine was to not draw everything but to cut things out because it adds a better finish! One thing I learned was to put stuff on that’s more meaningful to the project. But to be honest some body parts were a bit difficult to make it meaningful like the foot or the arm. Overall I think that my group went out there and ROCKED it!!

My group was:














“Leadership is not a title, it is an action.”

Leadership is something that has been talked about a lot this year because of the election in America. There are many different kinds of leaders some rule with fear and dominance and others rule with respect and honesty.

Everyone has a different perspective of how a leader should rule. Some of the ways that I think politicians and leaders should rule with is decisiveness but they must also have a conscience which helps them understand the people. To be seen as a good leader you have to seem relatable. This is an important quality because it shows that he or she has worked to be where they are at. Even though it is important to be respectful and kind as a leader I also think you need to rule with a iron fist and be able to make the tough decisions, even if that means seeming like the bad guy!

I know it sounds cheesy but you must be able to have GROWTH MINDSET as a leader. This is quite important because at some point in your life you will mess up and when that time comes you must get back up because you are the decision maker and can not just give up and quit!

In conclusion I think that being a leader is difficult because every one has many different points of view on life and therefor want a certain kind of leader!


Growth Mindset Madness!

Growth mindset is something that not everyone has. Growth mindset is knowing even if you fail a 100 times it doesn’t mean you give up, but you work harder, 10x harder and triumph. Growth mindset is something that we have been working on this term in Maker.

One of the main things I learned was to see attempts not as failures but as a learning experience. In class, Miss Willemse showed us successful people that acheived even though they had gone through failures and loses. One of them is Micheal Jordan, one of the greatest professional basketball players of all time.  He was cut from his high school basketball team for not being good enough but eventually became the world’s best!

Growth mindset is a way I have looked at many different things this term and one thing I where I have acheived this year is in basketball. Basketball is a difficult sport that I thought I could not start to master, but I finally did after a lot of work and that is called  fixed mindset. A huge part of Growth mindset is setting long term goals, and that is what I did here!

My goal for 2017 was to be more focused on my achievements and not focused on what others are doing. Achievement is what everyone works towards and the only way to achieve it is to work for it. Being more focused in class is very important to succeeding.

Having a growth mindset has helped me get through this challenging year and I hope that it will help me a lot in my future. Continue reading

The Power of Perseverance

Every person has felt compelled to persevere in their life. Another way of saying someone perseveres, is called Growth Mindset. Growth mindset is something we have been learning in Maker, and it is the theory that people are not fixed on their current abilities but can achieve more.

One thing I feel very growth mindset about is basketball.  I may not be the fastest, strongest or biggest, but I am improving. Even if it takes me an hour at the end of the day and I still don’t get any better I will still be better off than the guy better then me that didn’t go out side. Basketball makes me more passionate because it makes me really competitive in a good way, thus making me want to be better then the next guy.

Basketball helps me but it is not even close to as important as school. That is why I have the exact same feeling about school. This year I would like to go out of my way to be a better student and person in my community.

Growth mindset is very important and I hope you learn to become more focused on what you love because that is were you will go the farthest.

The Exhibition for the AGES!


Global warming is an important problem for our generation and for those to come. My exhibition  focused on the cause and effects of global warming in our local ecosystem.

The plan was to build a diorama showing both the cause and effects in visual form. I enjoyed building it and it turned out well, but one thing that I would change is making my project more engaging by including something that would involve the audience directly. After I finished, I thought that I could have included a video or a mechanical item that the viewer could touch or change. One part that I did enjoy about my project was the amount of creativity that was on it to draw the audience in a little more.

One thing that helped in this project was being organized which doesn’t happen much. Being organized helped me be more efficient with my work and I always knew what to do.
A good pointer that I got from the grade 11s project was that we as grade 8s need to work together so the projects makes more sense.

Even thought we have only done the exhibition once I feel we have still learnt so much from are experience and the older grades projects.

Love is Love


2016 has been a very interesting year with many lows and highs. In class we  were shown the Google video and have been forced against all human logic to do a blog.

Some of you might not of gotten the video and thought it was just a very emotional video, it was that also but the really reason they did it was to show what has been important to use this year, good and bad. I recognized a lot of the people and events like Grace Vanderwaal ,  the Paris Attacks and the Hamilton actor Lin Manuel Miranda  but one person that I didn’t know of was Gene Wilder. Gene Wilder is a inspiring actor that just past away, he was 83.


On a funny and depressing note one of the top searched topics was who is the baby of Bridget Jones. The reason it is depressing and funny as the same time is because with all the terrible things going on around the world people have the audacity to care more about THAT then everything else happening!


I can relate with 2016 because like them I have had many ups and downs this year. But one of my of the ups this year in school is my new and improved organization skills. Me being more organized has helped me be more productive in the class room.img_1140

Now it is time to say goodbye to all the bad and good of 2016 and to turn a new page and forget about the Dab, Yeezys, Pokemon Go, Kylie  Jenner and the bottle flip.