Awesome Job, Your Wrong!!

In are scimatics 8 PLP class are main focuse this year has been taking failures and seeing them as learning experiences. You may think this is a stupid theory but Ms. Klausen is not the only person in history that believes that, Michael Crawford a successful actor said “Sometimes you learn more from Failure then you do from Success”. We have learnt this life strategy in the many thought out projects we have done, like the Door project, the Minecraft Earthquake Proofing and the one we are working on now is learning ratios and surveys with a Candy 🍭 Company. Even though it was a HUGE change I am settling in to my new life as a PLP student not afraid to fail one bit.

Enough of that, now lets talk more about the awesome projects we have been doing in Scimatics. Like the Door Project were we increased the size of the door by 3x, with different kinds of shapes and figures. This project really challenged me because of how much raw math we had to do and we also had to keep it all organized at the same time. One reason I was quite successful with this project was the people around me like Luca and Austin. Because we are in so many classes together we develop a tight relationship and know who personally you or me work best with. I find through the year Ms. Klausen has been herding us out of are comfort zone which can be a good thing and a bad thing. One con about it is that we can sometimes be so uncomfortable with what we are doing we can sometimes just give up (which is exactly what she doesn’t want).

One of the key parts of the Ms. Klausen experience is NO homework. Parents and students may have mixed feelings about that but I think it is great for me. You probably think it’s because I want to go home and play video games but you are so wrong! I do a bit less than 30 hours a week of dance and I find if I have homework I’m up till 2am and in the morning I will not be ready to learn my best. The con to this is that for some kids there’s less of a hurry in class because they aren’t in a hurry to finish so they can go home with no work.


In Scimatics we have done many fun projects but my very favourite would be the one we are doing right now the Candy Company Surveys. Why I think this project is so important to me this year is the thought she put in to it and I feel like I could take this knowledge and use it in the outside world. So far we have made a complex survey which you can check out right here ——————-> <———————————–

I hope you have learnt something from my explanation on what has been happening in Scimatics 8 and remember failing is the best thing that could happen to you!