Oh Canada, what do you mean to me!

Oh Canada, what does Canada mean to me…..??? Inspiration, expression, openness and innovation. If your not Canadian you may not have the same values and view in your country. I asked someone from America what Canada meant to them and they said “snowmobiles and maple syrup.” So as you can see this awe inspiring country means a lot to different people! What I’m try to say is that I love this country with a deeper meaning, and I made a video about what Canada means to me and I entered a competition to show it.


The hosts of this competition is Historica Canada and some of them went to are classroom to help us with it and get some info. First I thought it would be simple to create, I told myself it’s only a 30 second it’s easyyyyy. Sadly I was wrong. When I got more intense in to the project I learnt that Canada is so much more then the stereotypes it’s a home for millions and a place everyone can leave there mark.

After awhile I discovered the true meaning of the Canadian spirit! Drum role please….. it’s expression no matter who you are through each persons PASSIONS and that leads to innovation and learning. So that is what I did for my video!

Now let’s talk video. The first step to creating an amazing project is to brain storm, so that what i did. I was thinking of all the reasons I adore Canada and putting them in a web. The second thing I had to do is find pictures. Pictures are always a vital part of a project they make it more interesting and draws in the reader. So I went out to take some really cool photos. The last but not least step is to put this together. I have looked at quite a lot of apps and now have determined that Phonto and Vonto are really good apps to use, therefore I used those apps and have created this video.


I hope seeing my video conjures some thought about maybe doing one yourself because it is a awesome experience to learn really what the great country of Canada really means to YOU!

It’s SLC’s!

In PLP we are lucky to have SLC’s each year. SLC’s are here to evaluate how we are doing in the PLP classroom.
Today’s post will be reflective on my work so far this year including blog posts and field studies. Also, we will be talking about goals, obstacles, and accomplishments that I have faced this year.


One of my proudest moments from this year is Destination Imagination but it did not come easy. It took a lot of hard work each day and a lot of script memorizing. At DI we did quite well winning the Instant challenge and placing 2nd for the central challenge.

To read more about the DI experience ———> click here

An amazing act of hard work was my many blogposts shown on my awesome blog. If you look at my first piece of work you will see how much I struggled with pronunciation and structuring a simple sentence.

My first post

After a few posts I was writing very close to perfect with few mistakes.  One of my favourite posts was on our Oregon field study’s.

Oregon blog post

A good act of growth mindset is our ads. They’s ads showed growth Mindset because of the multiple drafts we did and all the times we restarted, here are some of my drafts.

Draft 3

Draft 3

Draft 3

Now we are going on to talk about my goals for the following term!

My first goal is to not procrastinate in class (yes I know everyone says that) it is very important for me because I dance so much that I do not have time after school. My second goal is to be less social in the classroom because I am distracting myself and others in the classroom. My last goal for the next term is to re-read each and every paragraph I create.

These SLC will be a very fun experience for me and I can’t wait to do them.