WOW, The Years Over


First I would like to thank my teachers and parents for coming today and supporting me through the year and I would also like to personally welcome everyone to my TPOLS! Well, what to say… this year on itself has been a absolute handful! But it is very important that I note that not every handful is bad, this year has been a great handful!


First I’m going to reflect on my growth in PLP. I feel like I have grown in PLP and that can be seen in my blog. One of my favourite posts this term was In Change We Don’t Trust. This post had every favouring element, Links, Pictures, videos and paragraphs. Photos and videos are so important because it draws in the reader. One of my first posts was  The Process Of Advertising. In this post can you see Links, Photos and video? No, yea that’s what I thought. As a student none of the little words I have in my vocabulary could explain how much I have improved in my writing this year!


now let’s collect are selves and focuse on are driving question which is (Drump Roll Please) Am I ready for grade 9. Now you probably think at the moment I’m not but with my ingenious writing skills I will change your mind by the end.


With my teachers I have learned and grown as a person and a student more then I could I ever imagine. This can be seen in my classes were I think I show on task behaviour and a always strong enthusiasm. Though I have to say I can not let my enthusiasm and smile get the best of me because if so it will turn into unfocused madness in the classroom.

In scimathics I have shown hard work and more of that good old enthusiasm I have been taking about. This hard work was nee because even though I love math and science it has never came to easy for me. One show of progress in my Scimatics education is my projects which have been getting much better. And example of that is just two days ago we presented are complex science project at the exhibition, which went quite well. This project took me putting in full effort and the carefully studying of light in medicine.

There are many words for maker… challenging, complex and innovative but most importantly fun! In maker I have improved so much with producing the best product possible. How I do this is first find a good place to sit then zone out into my own magical productive world.  In maker I have also improved my group learning by focusing on keeping are group organized and being an overall leader.

All together I have improved more then I can ever imagine in my PLP class (and I’m pretty imaginative). This improvement would be 0 without my amazing teachers pushing the hole way. Now my last question is are you convinced?  Thank you for your time and have a great day.

The Quickest Unit EVER!!

What is the Beringia Gap? It is abridged land gap that connected the Americas and Eurasia and helped populate the Americas and change the word forever. That is just one of the many questions we looked at with the exploring unit we explored (Pun Intended) with ms. Willemse and ms. Maxwell.

In this unit, the driving question was “Why do we explore?” The main task for this unit is making a comic life on an explorer of your choice.

My explore was none other than the great Henry Hudson who found the marvelous Hudson Bay! My group was Daniel, Luca J, and Lucas.

For this project, we had a very important guideline and that was it had to be displayed in a comic life form! For this comic, we had to add an interesting and education component to the project so it was interesting for younger ages. But it was not just interesting for younger kids I learned a ton too, an example is I learned how brutally they treated aboriginals that they came across.

Once I started the comic life I had to think about a lot of thinks like….. What color aesthetically represents my comic the best, what way should I represent the characters in my comic, and what of my explores many explorations should I right about. But once we got organized and did are comics with the most effort we could muster it came out quite well!!

This unit might of been a very short one but the knowledge was never ending, the moment we thought we were out of learning they pulled us right back in!

In Change We Don’t Trust

It doesn’t matter how far back we look, people have always been afraid of change. It doesn’t matter if it’s a new way to look at are life’s like humanism or a different way to spread the word of knowledge like the printing press, if you look back at history people are blindingly afraid of these world changers. Franklin D Rosevelt once said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Those people with the go big or go home attitude are the game changers like Elon Musk, Shakespeare, Tim Cook, Kendrick Lamar, Gandhi and Kanye West. If it wasn’t for people like them we wouldn’t have Electricity, Running Water, Cars, Computers and the Internet.

One example of this is Galileo an astronomer, physicist, engineer and mathematician. Galileo was shamed many times in his lifetime for thinking.differently from past scientists. Many times he would be publicly shamed for his work which contradicted the word of the church.

In are Humanities 8 class we have been focusing on CHANGE mostly are the question we were focusing on was “how do advancements and change cause tension.” In 2017 Change is something that comes and goes on a daily basis. But back in the Renaissance Age, they did not fear death as much as they did change. Change disrupted wealthy people’s life’s and wealthy people owned the world at that time.


We did 2 projects this term with ms. Maxwell, the first was the notebook. The first part of the task was to choose a specific subject, mine? Communication! I was put into a group with Jessy, Melika, and Luca OG. The second and much more difficult part was to make a notebook on history’s changes of log distance communication. I was focusing on the Renaissance! The Renaissance was especially known to be a great time in the timeline of the world. The biggest change in the Renaissance was the new found invention…. the PRINTING PRESS! This helped mass produce books which helped spread the word of knowledge. We had finished our research and now had to pick our app, we ended picking keynote a slideshow like app with many cool tricks! I helped my group by making it more aesthetically pleasing and creating cool animations throughout the slide show. In the end, it all came together and worked quite nicely.



The second project was THE PITCH. For this project, we were a group of inventors and we had to create an invention that had something to do with are topic and pitch it to a group of investors. This was my favorite project this term because we could think big because we were working with and unlimited budget! The first part of this project we had to think of a problem, are problem was the Phone and all the nuisances that come with it. Next, we thought of a solution, what would it look like if we made the iPhone more accessible? We thought Glasses so you don’t have to reach or grab whenever you need it. The third part was to create a pitch with Ethos, Pathos, and Logos to persuade the investor. In the end, the notebook was a success! We showed our presentation to many educators around Canada this Friday and the feedback was outstanding.

Both projects this term has been awesome but reflecting on the topic of change all day has made me realize that I am finally ready to change topics.