Hello World I’m back!

Hello world, Kai’s back with another blog post! This is not the average post, this is a field study

To start off the year we went on a awesome trip to the great province of Calgary. Although the trip was good, the way it started was not! On the morning of I was woken up by the beautiful sound of my alarm pounding in my left ear and my podcast on the right. After that I was completely awake and had no other choice but to come down! Once I said my goodbyes and in the bus I quickly found a nice spot in the back that I could call my home.

On this field study our most focused topic was  FINDING A STORY. Saying that, the obvious projects would be to make movies. If you thought that, you are correct.

The first film was made on the first day at three valley gap heritage ghost town .  For this project we had two short hours to create the cinematic masterpiece that is Apocalypse! One thing that worked quite well for this film was the two P’s, Process and preparation. Our group had good chemistry and were always being positive. We were also very prepared and had are lines and shots ready. One thing I think we could improve on is our time management. Because at the end we had lots of time left and we should have tried to redo the shots that had bad audio or any other mistake. Overall I think our movie worked quite well and I was quite lucky to get such a good group. The team included Lucas, Alivia, Tamara and Jessie.


Here is another team film we created throughout this trip.

One of the main events on this trip was Beakerhead.  Beakerhead is a science and arts collaboration that was started in 2013 and is now one of the most popular collaborative festivals in Calgary.

As you can see, Beakerhead is a lot of things but most importantly it is the topic of my individual documentary. This documentary featured a couple of artists and engineers around the city. One of the engineers I talked to helped create a crazy dragon welded by a group of women who are trying to make welding more inclusive for all genders. One thing I think I did well on this project is being precise and an example of that is interviewing many people because you never know how many interview you might need in case of mishaps. One thing I will do in the futures is have all my  important shots written down and with me at all times.

One memorable stop of many was Drumheller. If you have not been to drumheller it is one of the most spectacular things you can see! The ironic part was that it’s nickname is the bad lands, but in my books it’s really the good lands! While we were there we got to check out the Royal Tyrell Museum which is renowned as one of the best dinosaur museum in the world. At the museum we were challenged again to make a film on the focal of your choice in ONE HOUR. Creating this film was quite challenging but after everything settled I think it came out quite nicely.


If I could wrap this trip up into one word, that word would be awesome! And to think that this is only the first 3rd week of school! That week will be replaying in my head for years, I’m already having flashbacks. Meeting dinosaurs, escaping locked rooms, sliding along the glaciers, eating 100 shrimp, escaping the enchanted forest and more. Now I’m going to bed – I have a headache from all the fun!