Metaphors are a Machine

Hi stalkers! It’s almost the New Year and before 2018 we needed to finish off revolutions and circuits. In this term we were assigned to create a Rube Goldberg machine to represent a certain revolution, mine being the Xinhai revolution. My group was Emily, Robin and I and we created an awesome project that I am super proud of.

Metaphors? Circuits?

The first steps of this project in Humanities was learning about Metaphors. One example of how we showed are learning is a cool game that we started of the day with, Ms. Maxwell would pull up a randomized video and from that we would wright what it actually was and what it could be a metaphor for. This helped me get comfortable with creating out of the box metaphors. In science the first step was to begin creating simple series circuits and understanding the way circuits work. In science we worked every day slowly progressing at are circuitry skills, and slowly but surely progressing into more difficult circuits. This was crucial for the project because I would later become the groups engineer and create crazy circuits.


Another crucial part of the project was understanding revolutions and how they effected history and moved change. The first part of revolutions we learned was Crane Brinton a famous writer and historian most well known for his book called the “Anatomy of Revolution”. In this book he touches on the key stages of revolutions. First being the Incubation stage we’re the revolution starts and ignites the fire of the revolution. Second is the moderate stage were the wheels of the revolution begin to turn. Thirdly the climax stage were radicals are in power and try to create change with violence. Last but not least the recovery stage were they refer back to there previous being with the changes of the revolution. While studying revolutions we were assigned a super cool blog post called, “A revolutionary question on the Anatomy of Revolutions”.


After this we learned about the being of steampunk and what it was and why we should care. Steampunk is not only a look or a genre but a way of life for many. If u research it you will come to the conclusion that it is a very big and wide spread community. To learn about steampunk we dove deep into, Leviathan a book that tells the story of two kids intertwined in there journey without knowing. This book was covered with steampunk style and writing. This helped us learn about steampunk because we could read all about the life, style and views of people living in steampunk styled books. While studying steampunk we were assigned a post called, “what’s steampunk?”.

Beginning the project!

For this project we were first assigned a group mine being, Emily and Robin. We were assigned to study the in and outs of the Xinhai revolution, so we could properly show the Xinhai revolution through metaphors. As PLP students we are always striving to become better learns and a big part of that is organization. Examples of the steps we took in this project to keep organized can be seen ITunes U, were we have been assigned to create supply lists, timelines, blueprints and research all shown in a group document. After lots of research and work we were given are board. Using the blue print we had we slowly started creating are project. As one of the groups engineers I was not only building the base but also the circuits.

What I would revise!

Even though I think my group and I succeeded in this project there are always things that we can improve on. First is are team communication and collaboration. As a team we worked together well but I think we could have done more to push are selves to make a awesome piece of work we all could be proud to say was ares. Secondly I think that we should have created a more concrete rough blueprint because we had to improvise and change a lot. Saying that we should always be prepared for that situation because nothing goes as smoothly as planned.

What we did well! 

As a group I think we did fantastic work and created an awesome project, here are some examples of that. First is are relentless effort, as a group we had to change and improvise everyday to make are project work. As PLP students we are always ready to take a problem and find the solutions. Next is the crazy preparation we always strive for, just look at the document we created. It is full to the brim with timelines, research and supply lists.

As a PLP student I am used to fun and different projects but this was next level. I am pleased to say that I used my in class learning like circuitry and my endless knowledge of revolutions to create a project that I am proud to call my own. Kai OUT!✌️



What’s Steampunk?

Hello Stalkers! Today I will be diving deeper into the world of steam punk. We were assigned to create an inquiry question and learn about it. My question is… Where in Vancouver can you see the art and being of STEAMPUNK??


The first example is the Vancouverites for Steampunk. This group just recently hsted a fan expo on November 10th to the 12th. Were they looked at everything from leather work to nerf gun fights lead by committed panelists. These types of groups push for more people to experience the art of steampunk in Vancouver. This group is also hosting an event that many steampunk lovers will be participating in, the brass in the grass picnic. This picnic celebrates the aesthetic, fashion and life of Steampunk.

Also there are a couple shops that celebrate steampunk focusing on selling clothing that embraces the look of steam punk. One of them is the Venus&Mars boutique shop in Hastings. This shop sells many different types of pieces that embrace the look, like dresses with visible stitching and a corsets in the outside. Another shop in Vancouver that sells steampunk clothing and accessories are deadly couture.

Someone who pushes for the knowledge and popularity of Steampunk in Vancouver is April Peters. April Peters is a fashion designer that works on Victorian aged pieces. Born and raised in Vancouver and went to Kwantlen college studying design. Inspired by her unique cultural fashion taste, April Peter started off by creating intrinsically unique Pieces for people Interested. She creates pieces for weddings, musician and more. Her work can be seen on House Gallery Boutique.

Another example of Steampunk in Vancouver is barking dog studio which creates unique and cool piping systems and lighting. These kinds of shops are the people that are pushing Steampunk in 2017. The exposed wires, gears and unique looks are what make these pieces SO steampunk.

There are so many ways to show Steampunk. I have showed different examples like piping, design, clothing and fashion and group events that express there unique love for Steampunk. The last example I will show Is to me the coolest, tattooing. One shop that creates steampunk aesthetic tattoos is liquid amber tattoos. This shop has experienced artist like Ashley Horncastle, Diana Lin and Olivia Granger.

These artists, designers and crafters are all apart of the Steampunk movement in Vancouver. Because of them this cool art and style will live on.