What A GOAL!!!

An annual event that happens each and every year is the SLCs: AKA mPOLS AKA tPOLS. Each year only two things differ, the name of this event and the driving question that we need to answer! This year the question is… “How are you going to progress as a learner before the end of the school year?” this question presents extreme difficulty seeing that I am perfect in every way!


Some questions I aim to answer and explain are….

  1. How did I “fail” this year? What did I learn from the ordeal?
  2. What skills did I use? What skills do I need to continue to develop? 
  3. What project did I struggle with? Why?
  4. What are the goals you would like to set for yourself for the remainder of the  year?

How did I fail this year….? What did I learn?

A popular proverb that is well known to PLP students is “Mistakes are a huge part of the road to discovery and learning”.  That is why I make many of them each
and every day. One of these failures is… Procrastination. This is somewhat of curse that I face every couple of weeks. Procrastination is something that I as a learner need to exterminate, because in my later years it will catch up to me because of the mass amounts of homework I have and extracurricular activities I enjoy and indulge in. Even though it does not happen often, when it does it can be harfmul to my routine and work.

What skills did I use? What skills do I need to continue to develop?

As a PLP student, I always pride my self in growing my skills as a learner and knowing what I can be most useful as and what skills I can develop.  One of my (many) skills is being a leader and knowing when to buckle down and put in the work needed to blow away the audience and most importantly make something that I can be proud of! My leadership skills can be shown especially in the Metaphor Machine project were I helped keep the group intact and kept pushing on even when we were struggling. Because this was a science and humanities project there was a lot of collaborating and it gets confusing. Being a leader means keeping are group communicating and having a common goal each class. A skill I can develop is TIME managment. As a student that does many extracirricular activities I need to use the time given to me as well as possible.

What project did I struggle with? Why?

As a learner I have and will come across bumps in the road of education. One of those bumps was this year’s Star Wars EXHIBITION. In no way was this a failure, but there were many things that I did poorly in this project. One of those things was time managment!  During this project I had countless hours to work on this project, yet I did NOT, instead leaving it for the long weekend. Even though the output for this project was fantastic, I felt as though I was not setting myself up for success. Leaving little to no time to revise does not position me to succeed.

What are the goals you would like to set for yourself for the remainder of the  year?

Growth mindset is something we have already touched on in PLP and is something I use on a daily basis! Growth mindset ties into goals and goals are a huge part of getting to wehre you want to be as a person. One of my biggest goals is to become a more organized learner. Being organized is a characteristic I need to learn because it is very important for the future and can help me get through it when I have a lot on my plate. Even though I am developing my organizational skills I do feel that they are pretty good.  You can see those skills in my learning portfolio.

To conclude this mPOL I was asked to come up with a question or topic of conversation that the teacher or parents could answer. Here is my question: As a learner I do not always prioritize correctly and moving forward I am setting goals for myself to change that, what are some strategies for me?

Thank you for listening to my mPOLS this year and I am personally looking forward to the next one!!



The Exhibiton to END all Exhibtions

This term we have been relentlessly working to finish the term off strong with an extraordinary exhibition that could show our growth from grade eight to nine! Slowly but surely we created an awesome star wars project. Now I will take you through the process of creating are awesome projects


Getting started!

Projects do not just appear they take time, effort and preparation, here are some of the steps we took. First, we had to get to know the topic we were going to touch on, Star Wars! Getting to known are project took a couple hours of blood, sweat, and tears, you would be surprised how hard it is to watch a few star wars movies! Next, we had to brainstorm a question. Behind every great project is an even greater inquiry question. The first step we took to find an inquiry question was to find 8 awesome questions. After we found are questions we narrowed them down to just one or two and got really amazing critique from ms. Willemse or one of the grade twelve students in the room. Once we had found a question that we could be proud of we had to fill out a pitch form. This pitch form helped us focus on what was a reliable plan and what could work with the amount of time we had! Getting approved was no easy task and I personally had to revise a lot of my pitch form.

Tasks at hand!

Once we had our project approved we had to start the terrifying build process. Starting this was no easy task. First I needed to begin a materials list. This was important because when I went out to collect the necessary materials I was one hundred percent ready and was totally prepared. The next task at hand was to begin building. With my materials prepared I was totally ready. Because I had a clear idea of what I was going to build, it was easy breezy. First I constructed the planets. I had two larger plants, Jakku and Tatooine and 5 moons/sun. Once I had created them I had to paint. After the painting process was finished I moved onto building the base. As a man of many traits I know my way around tools (just kidding) . Next, I wrote the script for my poster board. This was a crucial part because poster boards need to have a good ratio of info and pictures. Once I had built my project we started the collaboration section of the project. She split the class into DARK VS LIGHT, I was put into the light side. This was a difficult step because collaboration can get very complex. The first problem is Communication, even though we have an Ipad people will still often not respond. Another problem is in a big group peoples ideas get overshadowed and sometimes lost because of the number of people. Even though we ran into some problems we overcame them by stepping back and recognizing the problems.

What I would do differently!

Even though I personally think my project was an ultimate success, there are parts of a project that could be revised. First, I think that I could have started the build process sooner. This is very important because I left myself little time to create it. As a learner, I will learn over time to be as intelligent with my time as possible. Secondly, I think that I could have put less info on my poster board. This is crucial because it bores the audience if there is to much text. Also ultimately the reader or audience will never take the time to read because it is to bland. Next I think that are collaborative skills could improve because I think that as grade nines we may have overshadowed and sometimes ignored the grade eights ideas. Saying that we are more experienced and should show them how to succeed in these types of projects.

What we did well!

This project was awesome and I did a lot of cool things, here are some of them. Firstly, I think that I did a terrific job of my overall project and creating a cool and creative piece. Creating my project was no easy task and I am quite proud! Next, I think I did a great job at the exhibition. I was always focused and trying to raise the excitement and standard in our room. It is so important that you stay excited and ultimately do everything full out.

Overall I worked relentlessly hard and was always trying to find ways to make it better. As a PLP student, I will have many of these experiences and slowly improve. Hope you had a wonderful 2017 and be ready for more awesome and insightful posts!