Surf and Turf

Task at hand 

For our newest and coolest math project, we were tasked to design our very own road trip. MTV gave us all a small loan of 10,000 $ to come up with ” The ILLEST road trip of all time”. For this project, we had the creative freedom to pick what kind of life we wanted to lead with 10,000 $ , whether you wanted to be a BALLER and spend 2,000 $ a day on seats at the garden or wanted to lay low and spend 20 $ dollars a day camping all around America.

For this challenge, we had to start in the most electric city in America, the city so nice they named it twice, New York City! Sadly I did not stay long in this spectacular city because I had to get going.

A little extra dough

For this project MTV gave us 10,000 $, but Mr. Gross felt as though that was not enough so he created a challenge to give us the opportunity of coming into this road trip with a little extra change in our pockets. The challenge was to help the VPD bust the notorious Mr. G speeding, to do this we were put into groups and had to find a sufficient way to time the speed Mr. Gross was traveling. My group consisted of Marshall, Jamie, Robin and myself. It is important to note that are group did this challenge flawlessly. In the end this resulted in us gaining 8,000 dollars to use towards are theoretical road trip.

Part 1: Food and lodging

A stop along the way

The first part of any good road trip is knowing what kind of expenses you will be paying and making sure it fits in with the budget. For this I had to find out what kind of money I wanted to spend on lodging and foods, common necessities on any road trip. I ended up choosing to eat healthy foods and staying in hotel rooms because both are quite accommodating and affordable. The hotel rooms cost 200$ a day for the family and the food costed 100$ a day per person.

The equation that will show me how expensive it will be for the amount of days I am going is:

Y = 1500x  +  0

Part 2: Route

Now time for the most important part… the route! For my road trip I am traveling from point A (New York City)  to point B ( Rincon, California) and then make my way all the way back to New York City. Overall my trip is 6103 miles all the way and I will be doing it in the spand of 10 days. My trip will be based on some of my passions, surfing and eating!

Here are some of the most memorable stops:

Eating in North Carolina at Backyard BBQ Pit


Hang Loose!! Rincon California


Spurs Vs Knicks at the Garden

Part 3: Transport

Cadillac Escalade

You may be wondering what is this powerful, angel of machinery? Well it’s my car that I drove for the full spans of the trip, it is a Cadillac Escalade. I picked this vehicle because it was acommadating and affordable at the same time. My transportation costed 1,755 for the full 10 day span of the trip, as you can see I got an awesome deal!

The equation that will show me how expensive it will be for the amount of days I am going is:

Y = 98x + 775


Part 4: Sponsorship

For this section I had the choice to pick from 3 different corporations to sponsor me, Coca Cola, Pepsi and Snapple. For this section I chose Coca Cola because within a 10 day trip I would make the most income. Choosing Coca Cola meant that for my road trip I made 164 $, if I chose Pepsi I would make 160 $, and if I chose Snapple I would make -8.


Now that I have finished planning this road trip I am ready to go! Overall for the entirety of the project I was constantly learning and having tons of fun. For the entire project I have spent…… (drum roll please)….. 16,755! Now that is a lot of money, I will tell if it was worth it when I get back!