The Fashionably Late Chemistry Post

I’m back BABY! I’m back and better then ever after a needed break from school and society in general. Today I will be touching on my work in term 2 science. In term 2 science we quickly accelerated into chemistry.

My Uneducated Mind Map

This mind map was the first thing we did after coming back from winter break. This helped us brainstorm are little knowledge of chemistry. After displaying are little knowledge of chemistry the first thing we did was learn how atoms and ions act like characters. We learned how each and everyone plays a role and how they all coincide. This helped us branch into our term project, create a video that depicts atoms and ions acting like characters.  This was an awesome project because I recently joined drama and this let me work on an essential skill… Script Writing.

Yet as excited as we were  about this project we could not create an informative video without expanding our knowledge of chemistry. To do this we would need the help of our friendly assistant teacher Hank Green one of the partial owners of crash course. These crash course chemistry videos helped us cram crazy amounts of chemistry! This video taught us about atomic mass, number of protons, charge, and we also learnt the various ‘families’ of elements. Later we would chose which elements we would want to feature in our videos.

After this we merged into trickier topics such as Bohr Models. This was a difficult challenge because of we needed to understand their specific characteristics. Even though it was difficult the class and I slowly but surely caught on. Next, we looked at covalent bonding as we needed to understand how atoms bond and create compounds, in order to create our videos. After, we looked at a different type of bonding, Ionic bonding, and more importantly the difference between the two and why there are different kinds of bonding.

After are an intense amount of learning it was time to put the peddle to the metal and start this project! I paired up with my best bud Logan Underwood. For this project we chose a couple characters:

– 1 Sodium atom
– 1 Sulfur atom
– Neon
– Oxygen
– Chlorine
– Carbon

For this project we decided to make it a medieval romance between to youthful passionate people. But there’s a twist, both are very different, one is very wealthy and the other is a mere merchant. But to them it does not matter, you could almost say they had a very strong ‘BOND’.

Overall, this project was an eye-opener to the vast world of chemistry. I had a ton of fun and I hope you enjoyed my video!