World War What?

Canada’s young men fighting for king and country during WW1

What have you been learning this whole term? 

World War huh, World War What? If this is what your thinking then welcome because everyone has been there. Today, in this post I will be talking about this term and the topic we have been focusing on. As you can see from the multiple hints I have given, we are talking about World War One.

For this topic, we have done plenty of enriching assignments and projects. Some of the projects and assignments will be highlighted in this post!

Driving Question

For every topic, we touch on in PLP the teachers try to give us some sort of driving question, for this topic it was… ‘How did World War One impact Canada’s identity?‘.

The Warm Up 

To warm us up for this topic we did a few assignments and some research. Here are some examples of that:

This video is by Indy Neidel, are numero uno historian. This video explains how WWI began and worked. This was a fantastic video to start off with because it was interesting and full of juicy facts!

Europe Before WWI

Another assignment that we did, in the beginning, was a map of Europe pre-WWI. This was super fun because it was kind of a pop quiz and needless to say, quite difficult. This also helped us visualize the crazy affect WWI had on Europe.

How WWI started in a nutshell

Last but certainly not least we looked at nationalism and the affects it had on WWI. Nationalism is a patriotic feeling and in this case a feeling of superiority over another country. Nationalism played a huge part in starting the chain of events that lead to WWI.

Choose a book, any book!

Before spring break we were asked to do the hardest thing ever… Do homework during holidays! Thankfully this wasn’t any normal homework, we needed to read a book. Now, this couldn’t be any book, it needed to be about WWI. I chose a tearjerker, War Horse. This book was written by Michael Morpurgo and was short and sad. It told the tale of a war horse and his love at first sight Albert being pulled apart.



After reading this book we had to create a creative visual explaining apart of the book. I chose to represent plot twists through music and pictures.

I found this mini project super fun and interesting because we got to portray a part of the book in a none cliche way like a boring paragraph.


During this term, we went to the Canadian capital, Ottawa. This trip was super cool and absolutely emersed us in WWI and Vimy Ridge. I could not have asked for a cooler trip! If you would like to see what I learned hit this LINK!

The squad at the bunker

Youth all across Canada united

Comic Book 

For this term we had many awesome projects and assignments, but hands down my favourite was easily our World War One Comic Book. This comic book was super interesting because we were given a particular part of World War One to display in it. I chose Minorities in the War! This topic was extremely interesting because it was something I knew very little about. This topic was also very compelling because of the bravery and passion these people fought with.

Next, I will show you the steps/process of creating my comic!


First I did a ton of research…

Research is a huge part of beginning a project. You can never be too ready!

Then I started the comic…

Starting the comic was surprisingly the biggest challenge of the unit because of all the glitches in Comic Life. I had to restart my comic book a few too many times because of crashes.

Thirdly we gave feedback to each other’s comic…



Giving critic is a huge part of PLP. This step to me is always the most useful if you take it seriously. Every mistake is another step closer to success.

Time to put that feedback to use…


Feedback is utterly pointless if you do not apply it to your project. This is why I carefully looked at my feedback and started to apply. This step was nice because now I could feel really proud of my work.

After that process I came out with a finished product. This exact process is what we generally use in each project.

Cove Cliff

Now that we had a finished product we need to show it off. So we went to are local elementary school (Cove Cliff) to show off the goods. This part of the project was super fun because we got to reflect on what we learned and meet up with old friends from elementary school! For this part of the project, we had to talk to multiple groups of kids and try to keep their attention and hopefully teach them something about WWI.

My group and I learning what a minority is

I had many awesome groups that were super attentive but on the other hand, there were many kids that did not want to listen. To entertain those kids I tried to find fun facts about the project to make them laugh or interested. For each and every group I followed the same script. First, I would talk about WWI and my topic, then about my comic, and then to finish it off I talked to them about school and life.

Answering the driving question

How did World War One impact Canada’s identity?‘. This question was very eye opening to how historic events shape a country so drastically. A couple of ways Canada was impacted by World War One was:

– The victory of Vimy Ridge gave Canada the recognition they deserved

– Helped them become a more independent country

– Canada was divided before the war, afterwards they were a strong proud nation

– Canada lost 59,544 men and women during the war

Wrap it up!

Overall during this term I have learned more than I could ever ask for all the while having fun! I learned about WWI and how it effected the world, and how to create better pieces of work. Ultimately I enjoyed this unit emensly and can’t wait for the next!

polynomials and stuff


For term 3 of science we have quickly accelerated into polynomials and like terms! These topics were very enriching and I personally loved to learn about them. Now I will review and revise this projects!

What the heck are you talking about?

You may not have an Inkling of an idea about polynomials or like terms but that’s why your here so grab some popcorn and start reading.

Like terms

A “like term” is a group of terms that are alike, yet the coefficient (the number in the term) can be different, an example of that is:

An example of not a like term is:


A polynomial is an expression of more than two algebraic terms, especially the sum of several terms that contain different powers of the same variable(s).

Project summary

For this project are class was given the the task to create a eye catching video that tells you more about polynomials and like terms. I enjoyed this project immensely because it gave us lots of creative freedom. For this project, Tamara and I teamed up!

What did you even do?

Once we had created the super team, we had to figured out a plan of action! Right away I was very interested in architecture and how we use these things in this particular field. Mr. Gross thankfully gave me direction and ideas to move forward on. So the plan was to create a house out of one type of material with a few different lengths and show how you can group them together to figure out different things. Some of the things you could figure out with like terms is the cost of materials and amount of materials. I eventually figured out that this was very useful.

[insert pic]

[insert slide show]

Thinking Competencies

Throughout this project, I have worked on many things that will in the long run shape me into a better student and learner. One of those things is thinking competencies. I have worked on that by not only thinking but also investigating, critique, and develop. First, I have worked/developed on my driving question to really target what I want to teach in this project. Next, I have critiqued my project throughout the time we have been given by revising thoroughly things I can get better at. Thirdly I have investigated by questioning my question and diving deeper into my topic. All of these things are very important to start the journey of becoming a better learner and getting the most out of these projects.

Wrap it up already!

Overall I personally believe this was another very fulfilling and interesting project in math 9. I enjoyed working on the house, learning about converting what you learned in school to the real world.

Ottawa, a trip for the history books

Today I will be recounting the Canadian Capital adventure that was. This year we have been treated with not one but two trips. After are Calgary trip I thought it couldn’t get better, little did I know.

What is Encounters with Canada?

This year are Ottawa trip was completely run by Encounters with Canada. Encounters is a program that helps connect youth all across Canada with similar interests.  Are class was participating in Vimy Ridge week which fitted in perfectly because for this term we were focusing on World War 1.

The trip to Ottawa 

On are way

For this trip, we went from DI provincials straight to YVR (the Vancouver international airport). It was surprisingly smooth sailing getting to the gait. But once we got there it was an absolute conquest for food. After 30 minutes they opened the doors and we were ready to board. I had the pleasure of sitting beside two of my good friends, Marshall and Lucas. Most of the plane ride I ate skittles and watched a number of fantastic movies and tv shows such as:

– Ballers

– Casablanca

– The Hangover

– Justice League

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine.

All these movies were awesome! Finally, after an overload of sugar and movies, we were in Ottawa. This was awesome because I had never been to Ottawa and had always been interested in our capital! Now in the bus we had already met what seemed to be a super nice guy named Nathanial that was also coming from BC. We quickly arrived at the Terry Fox Center were we were greeted by a very angry lady that gave us the whole rundown of rules, frankly, I was quite intimidated.

Are accommodations

You guys were probably to busy having fun to learn? 

Throughout the trip, we learned so much but the most important topic we were learning about was WW1 (World War 1). We did so many awesome activities that helped us inquire further into World War 1.

My favorite activity we did throughout the trip was going to the War Museum, it was absolutely extraordinary. This museum had so many amazing artifacts. One of my favorite exhibits had all the technological innovations happening throughout World War 1 and 2. You could see all the small revisions they made on the same tank. There was also amazing pieces of art that brought out the horror and bravery in the war. This activity was my favorite because it helped me fully immerse my self in what we were learning while having a blast.

Ottawa war museum

Another awesome activity we did was going to the Diefenbunker. If you do not know what the Diefenbunker is I suggested you take a look. These bunkers were made during the cold war to be a stronghold during nuclear attacks, thankfully this never needed to be used. When we went to the Diefenbunker we did an activity where we all were assigned a task to accomplish if there was ever a nuclear attack on America. I was the ‘senior executive of defence’ and I was working with ‘the army’ on how we would handle media if there was ever an nuclear attack on America. This was quite surreal because you were given the opportunity to work through the steps you would actually go through if you were in their shoes.

The squad at the bunker

The Big Picture

This weeks experience taught me so much. I learned about enlisting in the army, technological advancements, nuclear wars, poetry, Vimy, and World War 1. All this information was more important than the last but what will really stick with me forever is all the youth I met from all across our amazing nation. From an avid smoker from New Brunswick to beatboxers from Alberta. All these people were so nice and inclusive and it really taught me what Canadas really about. Something else I remember was how lucky I was to be in the situation I am in. Living in beautiful BC and going to a fabulous school will open up a lot of possibilities in my life. This trip was more than a fun vacation, it was an experience I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life.

Youth all across Canada united

Wrap it up

Overall I feel as though this experience has ultimately change my life forever and has changed my point of view on the world. Meeting all these fabulous people and learning so much was a blast!

On are way home

If you want to check out what I did throughout the trip, look down below!


DI Post Numero Dos

Well, folks, you have been blessed with not one but TWO 2018 DI post.   For this post, we while be recalling the ups and the downs of our second DI Provincials. If you would like to check out numero uno post here it is!

2017/2018 DI Provincials

Two Times? Isn’t that a little much?

As PLP students we always focus on revising are work, essentially that’s why we do provincials. We take the revisions the judges at regionals give us and incorporate and fix what needs to be done for round 2. Personally, I think revisions are what make or break an awesome project! An example of that is our performance from this year. We worked so hard to achieve greatness at regionals, we totally forgot to improve for provincials. Saying that we did change a little bit and that’s what I’ll be talking about next!


Regional Scores

Throughout the little time we had between regionals and provincials we focused hard in class on needed revisions for provincials. One revision we needed was because of the feedback we were given during regionals they said  “the prop removal needs to be more creative “. So we took that and brainstormed ideas, and as Emily usually does she came up with one! She decided to create a fishing rod sort of mechanism that would reel down and up to pick up the “magical” apple. This is just one of many examples of how the feedback the DI judges give you can prove more useful then you would ever expect.

How did Provincials go? 

My team and I woke up bright and early to arrive at Johnston Heights at 8:30, tired but ready to acquire some brass. We had are Instant Challange first, as expected we NAILED it. I personally think are teamwork and out of the box thinking helped us receive pretty decent scores. Next, we had our main challange. I was feeling a beautiful rosé of anxiety and excitement, I could not wait to start. The Moment they started the clock it all slowly went downhill. First, Emily’s wings stopped working (yes you heard me right, the wings stopped working right before we started.).  Next, we took to long out of the already short amount of time we are given getting ready. Thirdly, we did not work on grabbing the apple with are maze traveler enough resulting in us not getting scores for that and ultimately losing time. And last but not least are worst enemy the clock ran out! Now have I said enough?

Score and Placement 

Throughout all the ups and downs we actually came out looking not to bad, overall we placed 2nd. Despite my competitive mindset, I am quite happy with this score because of all the problems we faced throughout our challenge.

DI, Yea or No?

Overall I personally feel as though DI has more pros than cons. Yes, it is awfully time-consuming but it does teach you so much. Despite all the pointless complaints throughout the year, I always come out of it learning a lot whether I succeed or fall right on my face (Usually it’s the latter).