The BlueSky Journey

Each and every year during term 3 we have one singular project that is imperative that we succeed in that project is, blue sky. I absolutely adore blue sky for many reasons but the best part is that it gives a whole lot of creative freedom. This creative freedom helps you expand your brain and learning to areas undiscovered.

The Beginning of the End 

Around a month ago we were herded into the library and told to sit around the racetracks. This was the begin of blue sky 2018, this is when we were tasked with the impossible job of choosing our topic for this year’s blue sky project. To help us understand the different sections and topics they told us it was like a department store with multiple sections all dedicated for a particular purpose. Little did she know this would wreak havoc across PLP 9. The example was very confusing and she scrapped that idea quickly. After the dust settled I decided that I would be most interested in the Sports section.

The Brainstorm 

Once we had picked sections of interest it was time to brainstorm possible ideas. This is usually the hardest part for many people but this time it came surprisingly easy. My idea was ‘Surf Alert’ a waterproof communication device that could help people on the beach communicate with people surfing out in the water. This idea in my head seemed easy, interesting, and very useful this was the perfect combo, sadly this did not prove to be as easy as expected.

UN’s Sustainable Development 

This year we based our topics off the UN’s projected goals for sustainable development. The topics we used were sustainable communities, mental health, quality education, physical health, and responsible consumption and production. These topics helped us segregate are different ideas.

The Launch Cycle 

Creating timelines and goals to complete our project is imminent.  During this project we used ‘The Launch Cycle’.

L: Look Listen and learn   A: Ask Tons of Questions   U: Understand the Process or Problem    N: Navigate Ideas    C: Create a Prototype      H: Highlight and Fix

The Creation      

Creating this product was no easy task, I had an idea that I knew close to nothing about an didn’t look back. This project entailed the advanced knowledge of circuitry something that I was lacking. However nothing stops a mind willing to learn so I began researching and working a little bit with my brother to create Prototype 1. To create this prototype I worked on a breadboard (A thin plastic board used to hold electronic components) to assemble my circuit. After hours of blood, sweat and a lot of tears, I was finally finished my prototype.

After finishing my prototype I contacted my man Colin from —— surf shop and talked to him about revising my prototype. He gave me lots of tips and tricks. The most important critic that he gave was to put the device and LED light on the front of the board so it is more visible.

Once given critics I was finally ready to begin creating my last prototype. This time I would create the device without the breadboard and put it in the waterproof seal. This was actually quite easy because by that time I had already mastered this particular circuit. After a lot of soldering and wires, I was finally finished.

Prototype 1

Prototype 2 

Prototype 3


In conclusion I feel as though I created a very intresting and useful product, even though it did not succumb to its capabilities. In the future, I hope to make multiple revision and hopefully expand my knowledge of circuitry. This will be me my final post for this year, I will be dreaming of circuits, DI, and Blue Sky over the summer. Zanker OUT!


How does Power alter a Relationship?

During this term we have learned about a multitude of different topics ranging from Louis Riel to camels in Lonsdale. Today I will be talking about Power and the project we completed. Let’s get it on!

Louis Riel 

You may be wondering of couple of different things, who is Riel and why should I care? If you are wondering this don’t sweat it, prepare to be enlightened! Now I am going to give you a brief overview on the brilliant life of Louis Riel. Riel was a Metis living in the Red River settlement in the late 19th century. During this time the Canadian Government wanted these Metis out! His brilliant mind and bilingualism propelled him into the leadership role for the Metis when there was a growing conflict between the two. This land dispute slowly turned violent and that didn’t help either of the parties involved. 

Louis Riel Book 

To assist us with the learning about Louis and his buddy’s, the Metis we read Louis Riel by Chester Brown a renowned Canadian writer. This book was quite interesting and could be seen in many different views. This book helped me perceive the interesting life of Louis Riel differently. A question that I thought to myself multiple times was, Hero or Villian? This is a difficult question to answer because he did many great things during the span of his life but also a lot of controversial things. It was a good thing we had a place to write all our questions, answers, and beliefs in…. our summaries. Each week or so we would be assigned to write a little bit about the chapters we had read. This book was very eye-opening and a blast to read

Hero or Villian?

Now I will be coming back to a very important question, Hero or Villian? I personally believe he was a hero! I think that he was a hero because he stood up for the innocent and vulnerable Metis people against the Canadian Government powerhouse. He also had many controversial moments that made me almost reverse my answer. One of those moments was the execution of Thomas Scott a military officer that worked for Dr. Shultz. Everyone seems to have a different opinion on this execution and mine is that he was pressured into the situation. If you read the book which I suggest you do, you would know that the members of his movement were growing weary of their leader. Because of this, he felt it was his duty to listen to his people. For these reasons, I believe he was a brave hero that can be viewed in multiple ways.

Project Summary 

After learning a ton iabout Riel it was time to move on and learn about a new sector of Canadian History. For this project we were assigned to pick a topic or person that was notable in Canadian history and create an animation talking about their power and the people their power governed. The one restriction was that the topic or person needed to take place before WWI.  For this project, I chose to talk about an influential man that changed Canada’s history, this man is named Sir William Cornelius Van Horne.


Before getting started we had to research a lot! Researching is a very important part of creating a good project.


After researching my topic I began writing my script. Because I was going to narrate over the animation it was essential that my script was very strong.

Creating the Animation 

After expanding my knowledge of Van Horne and the CPR and writing my script, I began creating the animation. To create my animation I used multiple strategies such as Keynote and iMovie. In Keynote I used Magic Moves to animate the slides. Once I was finished with the slides I screen recorded the video and exported it to iMovie. iMovie is a fantastic app to record your voice and edit with. Once exported to iMovie I recorded my voice and timed it with the animations. This was quite the ordeal because I needed the animation and voice recording to symmetrically lineup. After that, I added music that was appropriate for the tone of the animation. This is very important because music can add so much to a project if done properly. After these steps, I was finished and ready to hand in.


In PLP we have never handed in something of importance and not revised it multiple times. After creating our first draft we revised multiple times. This is the list of videos from the beginning to the end, hope you enjoy!

Draft 1

Draft 2 

Finishing Product 


In conclusion I have learned an everlasting amount of stuff about canadian history, power, and WWI. This experience was super fun and I will remember this project for years to come. Even though this my last Humanities post of the year I will be dreaming of Riel, Upper Canada, and last but certainly not least Cornelius Van Horne. To end this post off I would like to leave you with a humorous video. Zanker OUT!!


Correlation is not Causation

During this term we have looked at a multitude of different topics, the topic that I will be talking about today is Correlation vs Causation. Throughout this unit, we have learned a ton of different things. Here are the key areas of learning we looked at.


Knowing the difference between correlation and causation is a very important part of this unit. Correlation is when two data points follow the same pattern.

This is a example of a correlation


Now on to causation, causation is when one variable affects the other, causation implies correlation.

This is a example of causation

Our Project

For this project we were assigned to create a graph that displayed a causation and another graph to display correlation. We were also assigned to display these graphs in keynote explaining correlation and causation. For this project, I teamed up with my good friend Logan. To complete our graphs we used multiple authentic sources. For our correlation graph we used data from the internet. For the causation graph I collected data from our classroom. If you are interested in seeing our Keynote, here it is!


In conclusion I learned a gross amount (pun intended) about the wonderful world of graphs, causation, correlation, and data. Even though this is the last math post of the year, I will be dreaming of spreadsheets and math equations all through summer. Zanker out!

Am I ready for Grade 10?

Throughout the year I have grown as a learner, classmate and person. Grade 8 was an amazing year that was an introduction to a new program. Grade 9 to me was to further my learning and work on my curricular competency. Every year teachers and parents join together to view students reflect and critic the year and what goals he or she will take on for the following year. These events are known to all as a variety of names such as TPOL’s, MPOL’s, and FPOL’s. If you are interested in looking back at my first TPOL’s go right ahead to enter a world of reflections, goals, and worst of all LEARNING! For a multitude of years in PLP we have always gone into units with a driving question and this year it is: Why do you feel you are ready to advance to the next grade level?

For these TPOL’s I have chosen to reflect on a select few questions:

– Of your work completed this year, what are you most proud of? Why?
– What is the most valuable thing you have learned this year? Why?
– What and why was your goal from last time, did you follow through and how?
– What is one goal you would like to set for yourself for next year?

Of your work completed this year, what are you most proud of? Why?

As the years fade away into the distance the things you will most remember are the triumphant victories and proud achievements. This year the piece of work that makes me the proudest was my DI presentation. DI was a strenuous process that ended in somewhat of a success. This was no ordinary success, we did not win but I learned a substantial amount about working together efficiently as a team. Throughout the creation of our presentation we had many bumps in the road. One of those bumps was not having a fully operating maze traveler. The reason I see this as a proud and victorious moment is because as a group we put our blood, sweat, and tears nto it and we all had the same goal in mind.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned this year? Why?

There is a consensus among all PLP students that curiosity and learning is the most important part of being in school. Throughout this year I personally feel as though I have learned so much. The most important thing I have learned through the year is…. (Drum role please) ….. A picture is worth a thousand words. What I am trying to say is that if displayed properly a picture can give you so much more intricate information than a boring paragraph. In the long run this will help me become better at displaying my learning, and that can go along way. This became quite apparent after seeing the exact same saying multiple times whilst doing our war horse creative visual.

What and why was my goal from the last MPOL and did I follow through, how?

Each term I set personal goals for myself. For my last MPOL’s I set a goal for myself for the remainder of the year. My goal was to become a more organized student. I chose this goal because I found myself procrastinating and overall not using my time to the full extent. After this successful term I can confidently say with out contradiction that I have become more organized with my time and work. Even though I still could make better use of the little time I have during my busy schedule I still feel as though I have improved immensely. An example of the improvement of my organization is my blog. Each post is handed in on time and done well.

What is one goal you would like to set for yourself for next year?

As a student of PLP I am a firm believer in setting goals for yourself. My goal for the following school year is to further my grasp and knowledge of maths and sciences and be fully present in each and every class. This has been a recurring problem throughout my years of school. In the classroom I find myself going through the motions and not absorbing the information. I also find it very hard to retain the information that I learn in the classroom. An example of not retaining info and just moving through the motions can be seen in science 9. To achieve my goal I will passionately learn the ins and outs of each topic and not just skip the learning portion of the project. I will also continue my math tutoring, which has helped my tremendously.


Throughout this post I have shown a multitude of different reasons why I am ready for the coming year. This year has been phenomenal for so many reasons. I have become a better student and overall person. I am very proud of what I have accomplished and what I will accomplish. From BlueSky to Frankenstuffie it was most definitely a fantastic year that I will remember for a long time.

Cant wait for next year!

Dandy Dandellions

In this unit we have been focusing in on the most awkward and uncomfortable topic of them all… reproduction. We have been looking at animals and human reproduction, but mostly we have focused on plants.

Our Unit

When hearing about are unit, the rest of the class and I were not exactly thrilled. But to make us feel better we watched an hour long video that starred an odd couple showing us the “beauty” of reproduction.

Afterward, we accelerated into more plant reproduction and Meiosis and Mitosis. Here is a video that will explain a ton about what happens inside the body during the processes of meiosis and mitosis.

An enormous part of our unit focused on asexual and sexual reproduction. Sexual reproduction is when the sperm is passed into an egg and a new organism grows, now to learn the ins and outs of asexual reproduction we have to start our project.


This units project was going to focus intensely on plant reproduction (asexual) and breeding plants. For this project, I was in a group that consisted of Isabelle, Robin, and last but certainly not least Tamara. To get us started we learned about how vegetative propagation (asexual reproduction of plants) works by doing plenty of work from the textbook. One of the many things we learned is….. It is possible for plants to regenerate any of their cells so if you take a part of a grown plant and replant it, it can grow into a new genetically identical plant. A couple ways to do this is grafting, cutting, splitting, layering, and budding. This is very important because we would need this to succeed in our project.

For this units project, we would display our knowledge of asexual reproduction by creating an informative video. For this video, we were all scientist in a lab that were trying to find funding to further our  breeding experiment. Before we started this video we had to finally breed our own plants. We first started with breeding dandelions. This went pretty smoothly and in time grew into a beautiful flourishing dandelion. After this we were ready to breed one more. This time we were given the chance to breed our plant of choice. Our group chose to breed rosemary. Sadly this one did not go as smoothly as planned and slowly just passed away.


Overall, I really enjoyed this project and unit. It was very fun and interesting. We might not have been as successful with breeding as I hoped but I personally believe I learned a ton. This unit was also a lot less awkward than expected.