Correlation is not Causation

During this term we have looked at a multitude of different topics, the topic that I will be talking about today is Correlation vs Causation. Throughout this unit, we have learned a ton of different things. Here are the key areas of learning we looked at.


Knowing the difference between correlation and causation is a very important part of this unit. Correlation is when two data points follow the same pattern.

This is a example of a correlation


Now on to causation, causation is when one variable affects the other, causation implies correlation.

This is a example of causation

Our Project

For this project we were assigned to create a graph that displayed a causation and another graph to display correlation. We were also assigned to display these graphs in keynote explaining correlation and causation. For this project, I teamed up with my good friend Logan. To complete our graphs we used multiple authentic sources. For our correlation graph we used data from the internet. For the causation graph I collected data from our classroom. If you are interested in seeing our Keynote, here it is!


In conclusion I learned a gross amount (pun intended) about the wonderful world of graphs, causation, correlation, and data. Even though this is the last math post of the year, I will be dreaming of spreadsheets and math equations all through summer. Zanker out!

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