Love Simon

I’m back in business! Finally, i’m back for another skookum year of blog posts and basketball. This terms driving question is “How do authors affect how we feel about ourselves”. This driving question will be accompanied with a book of our choice my groups book is Love Simon written by Becky Athertalli. This book will help us come to a conclusion about our driving question.

This book interests me a lot because of the interesting and somewhat sad plot. The book is about a teenage boy named Simon Spier who is a secretly gay 16 year old boy. Simon has a secret pen pal named Blue who goes to his school. One day someone finds his emails and discovers his emails to Blue. This person begins to blackmail Simon and the story goes on from there.

So far in the book I am amazed by the interesting characters and the awesome story line. I predict that later in the book he will discover that Blue is actually a close friend. This would be a very interesting plot twist and would help spice up the book. Overall I am very excited to begin school after a long summer and read this book!