<3 Simon Trailer

To begin humanities this year we began with reading books and making a trailer for our book. For this project I read Simon VS the Homosapien Agenda.This book was written by Becky Albertalli who gained extreme fame after coming out with her first and most popular book: Simon VS the Homosapien Agenda. This book tells the story of a gay teen struggling with coming to terms with his sexuality. He also finds himself being blackmailed for him being gay whilst trying to find out his secret lover/pen pal. For the past year we have been tirelessly working on video creation, slowly perfecting our craft. This project to me was a big stepping stone because of the difficulty of making a good trailer. Yet most of all I felt that every group suprisingly excelled. For this project my group consisted of Luca, Tamara, Maggie, and Morgan.

This project we went through many steps in pre-production such as looking at examples of stellar trailers. One of them was grade 8, an awesome movie that had an even better trailer.

After we read the book, created a storyboard, and did all that other quintessential tasks we were on to the next part, FILMING. This part was genuinely pretty easy because of all the preparation that took place during the first stage. Though I must say I did play the main role for the trailer and as excepted I… flunked it!

After we collected our shots we were on to the third step pre-production because editing is an independent job we got Luca J the most artsy person in our group to edit. She edited in imovie and added lots of cool effects to the trailer, we also used very cool  non-copyrighted music during the film, which surprisingly was quite the feat for Lu!

After she finished editing it was time to LAUNCH! Here is our final product.

Hope you enjoyed our final product! Overall during this project I learnt a multitude of different things about editing and acting. For editing I learned that to elevate your movies from good to great you need to focuse on the small stuff. The small stuff includes quick transitions and making sure music and scenes line up. Because I was the main actor in this video I learned that if you don’t fully commit you will end up sounding and looking very silly. In general I thought we did a fantastic job with every trailer. Be sure to check out other groups trailers! Zanker Out!

Swim Meet Live Event

In Maker Term 1 the focal point of our learning has been video creation. Video creation  has been a crucial part of our learning since grade 9. For this project we focused on a more difficult side of video creation, live events. Live events are extremely difficult because you only have one try to collect the necessary shots. For this project I decided to do the video on my swim meet. This would be a difficult feat because of the setting. Swimming pools are loud, have bad lighting, and have certain restrictions on taking videos or pictures. For this project there were certain requirements for different film techniques that the video needed to include. some of those were: A time lapse, freeze frame, a change of speed, still photos with Ken Burns effect, copyright free music, and an interview with a participant of the event.

Going into this live event I had thought about the live event and what I would like it to look like many times. I knew I wanted it to go in and create somewhat of a story going from the beginning of the meet to the end. Even though I thought about my plan extensively I did not go into it with a physical outline like Ms. Willemse suggested. Having a physical outline can take a good story to a great story because, you can look at your physical outline whilst filming your shots. Also because it is live if you do not have the required shots then you our in a pickle.

When I got there I asked multiple people if they could get shots for me. Therefor I would have multiple angles across the board. I knew I wanted it to have a beginning, middle and end so I needed an establishing shot and closing shot. After that I mostly just needed B-roll and an interview with someone on my team (Sean).

After I had the shots it was time to begin the editing process. For this part I had to add the film techniques to the shots, This was pretty easy because Imovie has all the tools to create them easily.

 First Try!

After we finished our first try of our live event videos, we watched them in class for all to revise. After we were given critic we were assigned to revise our video. My main revisions were: Lengthen Pictures and split up interview.

Final Product

Overall I think this was a awesome and helpful project. In the future I think I would have drawn a physical outline. In general I think this was a worthwhile and different project.

Trigonometry is NO Joke

To begin Math 10 we started off big, we went straight into trigonometry. Trig is NO joke, in the begging it’s really hard. For this unit we were assigned to create a model, digital or physical, of a solar panel set up in any location. For this project the task was to find the optimal angle for you solar panel. I was in a group with Luca, me and him are the dream team.

For this project we created our model in Beijing on a skyscraper and we chose to display it digitaly on minecraft. Minecraft did turn out to be a little difficult because you had to have exact measurements and minecraft uses cubical blocks.

Once we found out the location and how we were going to display the solar panel we moved on the MATH (to find out more about the math we did check out our video). After crunching the numbers we created our video about what we learnt during this unit.

Overall this unit was a blast and I had a ton of fun and learnt a lot during the creation of our solar panel video.

Being Hilarious is Hard!

In Maker 10 we have been endeavouring in perfecting the art of filmmaking (music, storyboards, shots, editing, and audio) and most importantly, being funny! To start off the beginning of the school year we thought about what kind of genres of comedy that makes us laugh. Some different genres are: slapstick, satire, stand-up, screwball and parody’s. After we put on our comedy caps we were assigned to make a quick funny video using a new application we had been working on. 

After the process of discovering what makes people laugh, giggle, goof, gasp, grin or gurgle, we were assigned to the recreate a funny video of Ms. Willemse’s choosing. Now when I say recreation I mean almost every single part of the first video was expected to be the same. This would become deceptively difficult as the project ensued. This task was perfect to refine our film skills that I noted before.  

Recreation Video 1

My group was Alivia and Tamara and this was our video…

Overall I would call our first recreation video a failure, not that it was not a good video just that it wasn’t our best! You know what they say,  If you learn from defeat you haven’t really lost.

After are first recreation video we were determined to learn from our previous mistakes and create the perfect recreation. For this project we had come to a general understanding that audio is something we need to focuse on for recreation 2. For the second video we were tasked to find our own video for our group. during the ensuing days I would tirelessly scroll throw what seemed like thousands of lame skit videos, none worthy to be recreated by us.

Finally we found one and this is it!

This skit was perfect for us because it had a simple plot with an easy background, lack of props, and simple shot. Even though it was quite an easy video to recreate there was a few very hard parts such as the fact that the whole video was one shot which forced us to  memorize lines. Before we could begin the process of creating the video we had to plan which means, storyboards. storyboards are a very essential part of creating a video. Storyboards help you plan the shots, audio, plot, and scenes.

This is our Recreation video!

In the end I was surprisingly chuffed about this project in general. I learned a lot about the process of filmmaking, how important having good audio is, and last but certainly not least, how good of an actor my dad is. Overall I really enjoyed the project and had a blast doing it!