‘Tis the Season

December is arguably the most iconic and lustrous season of them all, it is a time where children and adults all around the world gather to celebrate and come together during a time of serenity. For many Canadians like myself this is called Christmas, but not for all, millions of people celebrate it as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and for some it is just a season for hot chocolate and snuggling next to a fire. 



Task 1: Family Celebrations

December is a season that I hold dear because of the endless memories and celebrations with my friends and family. An annual celebration that is infamous in the Zanker household is the Christmas Eve. feast. This event takes place with my dads side of the family and is orchestrated by my beloved Papi (my grandfather), he was an executive chef at many restaurants and can cook anything and everything. This feast is very much the marathon of meals that involves incredible sacrifice and commitment. This meal brings family from across the globe together and helps us reunite and connect. This is a very important event that holds countless memories and is a important part of Christmas for me.

Task 2: Photo Spark

These are pictures that represent amazing memories of fun times with family!







The gang outcold during the drive to Edmonton







Pre Christmas Eve Feast Photos







Christmas Breakfast with the fam!

Task 5: Fun and Games

This Christmas themed game called Christmas Chains is extremely fun and would recommend. Identify and match Christmas baubles against the clock!

My Rating:  ☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️ (5/5)

Overall Christmas is my favourite season because of the memories and tradition that comes with it. Do you like christmas and if so why? What is your favourite memory of christmas? Comment below with a reply!

Can Cousins be Identical?

sFor this unit we were learning about DNA, to display are learning of DNA my partner (Isabelle) and I created an animation. For this unit are driving question was Can Cousins Be  Identical?

For this project, my partner and I had to think of a creative storyline that would simultaneously entertain the viewer and still be informative. Me and my partner chose to create an animation about two cousins, one is a culprit of a crime (stealing candy) the  detective (the owner of the residents) has to figure out the different genotypes of both kids to find out who’s the culprit.

Heres our Video!

Here is my mind map:

Overall I am incredibly pleased with the combination of entertainment and info all stuffed into our video. This has been a super fun project and I can’t wait for the next!

Bucks vs Spurs

Yesterday, my friends and I sat down on a lazy saturday to watch the Milwaukee Bucks and San Antonio Spurs face off. This game was special because both team are playoff contenders and some would argue, power houses.

To start the first quarter, Bucks won the tip. Right of the gate the Bucks with the help of Giannis Antetokounmpo came out firing with 5 straight points and a Brook Lopez deep three. Spurs soon responded with 2 easy buckets to combat the bucks 11 points. The Spurs quickly found a rythme and where right next to the Bucks for the remainder of the quarter. The quarter ended with the Bucks up by 3 and the score was 34-31. After a incredibly productive 1st quarter both teams were ready to start off were they finished. The Spurs and Bucks both fought continuously, neither team more than 3 points ahead at anytime. Going into the 4th quarter the Spurs turned the tables and were up by 7. All throughout the 4th the Bucks fought extremely hard and soon found themselves up, once again. In the last minute both teams were red hot but the Bucks towering power forward Giannis Antetokounmpo was the outlier. The score ended 135-129!

Watching this game was thoroughly entertaining and a privilege to watch. Both teams were exceptional and I hope to see this matchup again in the playoffs.


It’s all About the Jeans

Genetics is a branch of biology concerned with the study of genes, genetic variation, and heredity in living organisms. Genetics is very important because of how it effects everyone. a gene is a sequence of DNA or RNA that codes for a molecule that has a function. Everyone has the same set of genes, about 20,000 in total. What makes my appearance  different that yours is the small variations in my genes, which will determine what colour hair I have and so on, Heredity is the passing of traits from parent to offspring. My father and mother both have attached earlopes therefor it increases the probability of me having that trait. The study of genetics is extremely important and interesting because it allows you to understand what makes us what we are.

The Video

This video explains Heredity a topic that I am extremely fascinated by, because of the changes and similarities that we pass down. The creator of this video does a fantastic job of explains and showing how and why we pass down and have the traits that we have.

Two Truths and a Lie

1. Genetics is a branch of Biology

2. Males have X Y chromosomes

3. You has 23 pairs of chromosomes

Live Loops

                                                Task 1

Live Loops is a simple and effective way for people to create music with little to no knowledge. For this assignment we were learning more about the studious task of creating music and also creating our own music.

Heres my Song!

                                     Activity 1: Triggering Loops

For this part of the task you needed to chose a genre to work off of, I choseRnB.

                               Activity 2: Recording Loops

Now that you’ve chosen the base of your song, get a little crazy and test it out! Maybe record a little.

                      Activity 3: Costumizing with Loops

Now that you’ve got the feel changed it up. I went from RnB to some sort of robot techno sound.


Overall I have found exploring Garage Band and Live Loops incredibly helpful because of the usefulness. Live Loops is a seemingly effortless way to create copy right free music that sounds good. You will Definitely hear some Live Loops in my future projects.

Listen to the whole classes combined jams!


Like a Rolling Stone

In 1997 Apple began their Think Different campaign which featured innovative people that changed the world. They were featured on posters and this famous commercial, narrorated by Richard Dreyfuss.

This commercial was the base of are assignment. For this assignment we would pick a person that was involved in the campaign and present their life to the class in PechaKucha form. To complete this assignment we would need to do a lot of reasearch. The driving question was “why does it take a crazy person to change the world.”. My person I chose to talk about was Bob Dylan.

                                                         Keynote Presentation

On May 24, 1941, in Duluth, Minnesota, Robert Allen Zimmerman or as we know him today Bob Dylan, was born. From a young age he would listen to the radio, his favourite genres were country and blues. As a teenager he would become fascinated with rock and roll and played for many bands during his early years.


During high school he would become committed to the world of music and played when ever where ever. At his high school talent show he played so loud that the principal cut the microphone. It’s safe to say that peers and teachers in his school thought he was crazy.



In May, 1960, Dylan abruptly dropped out of college at the end of his first year. This was a bold decision that shows that Dylan was ready to go all in for his music career. Fortunately, this decision soon became worth while because Dylan quickly signed a record deal with Columbia Records.



Dylan’s first Columbia album, entitled Bob Dylan, was released March 19, 1962. Sadly his album did not become incredibly recognized because it was very different and had less of a mainstream feel. A lot of people in the company shunned him for the lack of popularity from his album.



By the time of Dylan’s second album in May 1963, entitled The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan, he had begun to make his name as a singer-songwriter. Many songs on this album were labeled protest songs. This album told a rebellious message which spoke to the younger generation. 



When people first heard his raw, and seemingly untrained voice, the effect was dramatic and electrifying. People said it was as if sandpaper could sing! Eventually people cherished his unique and innovative sound. 



Bob Dylan was crazy because even  though his music was unique and unaccepted by many at the time, he still was confident in his ability’s and, did what very, very few singers ever do. He changed popular singing. And we have been living in a world shaped by Dylan’s singing ever since.



During Bob Dylan’s career he was seen as a visionary and voice to the people. Bob Dylan’s unique musical storytelling took the world by storm with his rebellious attitude. He pushed the envelope of the music industry, and his musical influences can still be seen today.



After Bob Dylan’s amazing career, his storytelling and musical innovationstills echos to this day.  On june, 4th, Dylan received the Nobel Prize for literature. This goes to show how spectacular his literary skills are. Bob Dylan is a truly amazing artist who’s music and stories will never be forgotten.



This project taught me many things about preparation, presentation but most importantly about the amazing artist that is Bob Dylan. Bob Dylan was an innovative artist that changed popular music and the way that we see music today. He was the voice of a generation and helped spread the message of peace and love. If it wasn’t for crazy people I don’t know were we would be today.

The First of Many Essays

Term 1 has been an incredibly big term for our learning, and have explored a lot of different topics. Personally I believe the most essential element of our learning has been are essay writing. Writing an essay is a crucial part of our class because as we move up in the grades it becomes a bona fide assignment. During this unit we have been avidly pursuing the mastery of essay writing. We recently finished our first essay and spoiler, that’s what I will be writing about today.

For every essay you need a driving topic or question to form a thesis, are driving question was… “How Do Authors Use Text To Teach Us More About Ourselves?” . To answer this question we needed get a couple books under our belts. For this I read Simon vs The Homosapien Agenda, Persepolis, and watched the Breakfast Club. All these books had no connection but to me conveyed the same message, that’s why my thesis was:  In many books authors use characters to embody the very relatable lesson of accepting yourself, and the adversity that comes with it. 


For the essay this was our outline or template of what  I wanted to write in class.

Once I had my outline it was pretty simple preparation for the essay. My only worry was forgetting my overall message and train of thought during the essay. Overall I wasn’t to worried about the essay in general. At the end of our class, once everyone had finished their essay, I felt pretty confident.

Here is my finished essay, I hope you enjoy!

-Essay Coming Soon-

In general I think that this essay assignment was very worth while and helped me work on my overall writing style and punctuation, I can’t wait to work on our next essay!


Edu Blog Challenge | Week 4

Oxford Dictionary named the Face with Tears of Joy Emoji 😂 as the 2015 Word of the Year, and it ranks as the most popularly used emoji. In this day and age emojis are a pretty common way to communicate with people. In this weeks challenge I created an emoji math game, take a look!

Edu Blog Challenge | Week 3


For this week’s task, I decided to make my own image. Making your own image is an instrumental way to avoid copyrighting, and it also helps add a creative flair to you blog. This picture was edited in Superimposex, to make it translucent looking I turned down the opacity to highlight the text. To add the text I used Phonto, a simple but extremely useful app. In general I would always recommend you create your own images!