‘Tis the Season

December is arguably the most iconic and lustrous season of them all, it is a time where children and adults all around the world gather to celebrate and come together during a time of serenity. For many Canadians like myself this is called Christmas, but not for all, millions of people celebrate it as Hanukkah and Kwanzaa, and for some it is just a season for hot chocolate and snuggling next to a fire. 



Task 1: Family Celebrations

December is a season that I hold dear because of the endless memories and celebrations with my friends and family. An annual celebration that is infamous in the Zanker household is the Christmas Eve. feast. This event takes place with my dads side of the family and is orchestrated by my beloved Papi (my grandfather), he was an executive chef at many restaurants and can cook anything and everything. This feast is very much the marathon of meals that involves incredible sacrifice and commitment. This meal brings family from across the globe together and helps us reunite and connect. This is a very important event that holds countless memories and is a important part of Christmas for me.

Task 2: Photo Spark

These are pictures that represent amazing memories of fun times with family!







The gang outcold during the drive to Edmonton







Pre Christmas Eve Feast Photos







Christmas Breakfast with the fam!

Task 5: Fun and Games

This Christmas themed game called Christmas Chains is extremely fun and would recommend. Identify and match Christmas baubles against the clock!

My Rating:  ☃️☃️☃️☃️☃️ (5/5)

Overall Christmas is my favourite season because of the memories and tradition that comes with it. Do you like christmas and if so why? What is your favourite memory of christmas? Comment below with a reply!

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