The Journey To Discover Crazy

For the 4th PLP field study of my career we ventured across the board to, Seattle. Seattle is widely recognized as a hub of innovation and culture, and very often compared to Vancouver. Yet, like everyone and everything it has differences, in Seattle I learned and experienced a multitude of things I could have never experienced in my own bubble of happiness. Now it is important to note that like every trip we take in PLP it had a purpose (sadly we weren’t there to tan and drink virgin Pina Coladas). This trip was a mission to prosecute the word Crazy and inquire about the people who are called it.

The Project 

For this trip are project revolved around crazy! The assignment was a group project where we picked 3 people who are seen as crazy and learned more about them. After finding out more we would collect footage and interviews to answer the question. My group was Isy, Kailey, and Maggie, this was a awesome group filled with people willing to work. For this video we picked Dale Chihuly, Bill and Melinda, and last but currently not least Amazon!

      “ How do crazy people affect the way society progresses? ”

During the trip we had to take extreme advantage of the time given to film, because if you did not, you where left in a pickle once back in vancouver. I believe this happened to use on a small scale. An example is we did not have a amazon interview. This is extremely unfortunate because the best way to properly answer any question is with ANSWERS.

A place I discovered crazy was also a place that is known for kindness and giving but just as importantly innovation, this place is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates Foundation stands for equality for all and are “impatient optimists”. They believe that with support to live a healthy and productive life, people in poverty will lift there way out.

Reinventing the Toilet 

An example of the crazy innovation and support coming out of the Foundation is the toilet of the future. The researchers envisage a 21st century toilet that will be free of utility connections and could be used anywhere. The purpose of this innovative toilet is to safely dispose and recover excreta. This toilet is used to practically recycle things that would go into the toilet. Millions of people effected by poverty in rural developing countries do not have a safe and hygienic way to go to the washroom.

Ups and Downs

In every project there are ups and downs, in this project I feel asthough there where to many downs. In this project are main flaw was communication and the dreaded Winter break. Because this project landed in a awkward sandwich with school and the break we did not get enough done to succeed before the deadline. We also did not communicate are roles properly and how we were going to produce the amazing work we knew we could. At many times we created a goal and never hit the finish line. Even though the video process was not great, I can speak first hand to the learning and experiences from this project and field study. I believe that wherever you go, the memories and experiences become a part of you, this trip was one for the history books.

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