Linear Equations is Where I Draw the Line!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, today you will have the fortunate opportunity to learn more about linear equations and the speedy project that took place before spring break. To finish off term 2 Mr. Gross threw us into a whirl wind of learning and linear equations. My partner (Luca) and I teamed up to create a super cool project that showed the rate of change of a body of water. For this project we did some research and settled on revolving the project around the ever changing Colorado River.

Here’s my keynote…

During this project, I also improved on a few of the core competencies!

Model with mathematics in situational context

During the project our whole class focused on a real life situation, specifically for us was the rapidly changing body of water, the Colorado River. This helped me connect the math to real life and helped me come to many different realizations. 

Represent mathematical ideas in concrete, pictorial, and symbolic form

We took data, information, and research and visual displayed it in a keynote format. 

Connect mathematical concepts with each other, other areas and personal interests

My partner and I decided to focus on the Colorado Rivers changing body of water because I had been there many years ago and it helped me perceive how rapidly it was changing, it also interested me because I had a real life connection. 

This project was interesting because it gave me an idea of how quickly you have to pick up ideas yet also was pretty fun and easy. This was an awesome mini-project to finish off the term!