Cell Systems

I’m back and ready to go! Spring break was a ball, now where back on the saddle after  our first Scimatics project of term 3. Our latest project in math class was similar to the previous, we had to graph phone plans linearly to find out which plan would be better (quite like the Flow Like Water project). We used data overages as our measurement and used our knowledge of algebra to find the slope of those equations. The outcomes and opinions from this project where also pretty subjective because of the dependence on the buyers lifestyle.

For this project, my partner (Jessie) and I worked together to compare the prices of data planes for Telus, Rogers, and Freedom. We measured these plans in particular because Telus and Rogers have the same overage prices and would result in no solution.

Reasoning and Modelling

Our keynote included graphs and visual that where extremely informative and displayed  our linear equations and what each plan could offer. My partner and I included solving algebraically as it is a method we learned in class. Solving algebraically is quicker than solving with a table of values.

Understanding and Solving

During the project we explained the slope and y-intercept well, this was present during our project, going back to the feedback we could have zoomed in more.

Communicating and Representing

While we where displaying the project we communicated and represented the plans and what would be best for people’s different lifestyles.

Connecting and Reflecting

During the extent of the project we could have done a better job on this competency by displaying the potential savings of each data plan. My partner and I did do a good job of showing which plan would be better for different people. For example, if you are going to use over 500mb of data than Rogers probably is to little of a plan for you, and Freedom would be a smarter choice.

Overall this project was a great way to sharpen up our algebra and linear equation skills and was super cool! I look forward to taking on another challenge in Scimatics 10!

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