The Future is on the Horizon

No matter what age you are, in your youth you will always be asked the same generic question, “What are you going to be when you grow up?”. Needless to say this questions get incredibly repetitive. Yet in my old age (grade 10) it is becoming more apparent that this is something I will need to come to terms with. In Maker, we have been turning the corner into a new unit, career life. During the beginning of this unit we have been assigned, in the MyBlueprint app to tackle this exact question. MyBlueprint is a Canadian career and life planning resource that is designed to help prepare and organize youth and young adults future.

In MyBlueprint there are multiple courses that you can take, one of them being, Who am I? In this course we took 5 different “tests”, Motivations, Learning Styles, Personality, Knowledge, Interests. During these tests I learned a few things about myself, but I did not find it to be a very truthful representative. During the tests and based of the results I found it was a product that represented who I would like to become and be. I believe I produced these results because when answering I unconsciously wrote answers that were a representation of what I wish I was. 

Here is the results: 

After, taking the tests it was time to reflect, as the good PLP students we are. This reflection came in the form of a presentation that used our skills in Keynote. This presentation was deceptively challenging. Whether it was because I was ill prepared or over confident, I felt like I didn’t do amazing. Maybe I am being tough on myself, but I certainly could work on my presentation skills. 

The next step in this assignment was really helpful; I went to a section of MyBlueprint that aided me in planning out my next 2 years, and my current one. This was really helpful because most post-Secondary options require certain courses that could be restricted if I do not take a particular course. During this section of MyBlueprint I had to really make some quick decisions about what courses I will take for grade 12. This was difficult because I realized how quickly everything is coming to a close, and how grade 12 is coming to soon. 

The most important and interesting part for me in this entire assignment was looking at the jobs, delving into the requirements and benefits of jobs I’m interested in. I took the results of the test and found, Post-Secondary, Workplace, Apprenticeship, and Career options. During this journey of jobs. I came across a gem: Sports Medicine Doctor. This job is incredibly interesting because it relates to my interest, skillset, and motivation. I have heard a lot about sports medicine and tonight it really caught my eye.

After, I finished looking for Post-Secondary, Workplace, Apprenticeship, and Career options, I had one last tasks. This task was to graph/spreadsheet career paths that interest me. This was interesting because it gave me another introduction to Numbers and it rewarded me with the opportunity to write down important and cool notes about my future and jobs of interest. 

Overall this assignment was incredibly engaging, even though I believe many of my results where not great evidence of who I am, I still learnt a ton about my options and future. The future is on the horizon and this project has made it apparent. 

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