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At this point I have done a couple posts on PGP, so I’m sure your familiar.  It’s June, and my peers and I are at the bare end of the school year, and ready to begin a new chapter of our lives. In this class, we have covered ground, everything from goal setting (What do you really want?), 7 habits, and productivity. During the extent of PGP I have fully revamped my lifestyle, and state of mind. I have turned into an independent 15 year old that wields the power of PGP to work on myself and mold a stable and structured life.

My sis helping me with my project!

During this year I have learned so much, to the extent where I had trouble remembering the most important bits. For this project, Time Machine, my peers and I where tasked to create a summative artifact that would display the sheer amount of learning from this course. Our teachers said it should spawn an understating of the importance of the course to the past you.

Here it is…

For this course, PGP we were challenged to read two books, What Do You Really Want?, and 7 Habits of the Highly Efficient Teen. These books were incredibly insightful and interesting, they were light, had activities in between it all, and most importantly they exemplified what a teen life looks like and gave example accordingly, that made it personal to my peers and I. Because of my interest in the topic and because it is about ME, I did not see it as ‘homework’. Both books taught me a lot, yet I found that, What Do You Really Want? empowered me the most.


As you can see from my video, I highlighted my 3 steps to achieving my short and long term goals. When creating a goal I put first thing first then transition into being productive to complete x goals. Here are two examples of using this process and integrating it into my life.


In January, I set a goal to make my select/club basketball team and become more confident on the court, to heighten my PPG. To do this I knew what one of my priorities in life are at the time, Basketball. Therefor I set a goal that connected with my passions, my first thing. Afterwards I worked consistently day by day, to work on the technical side of my shot and forced myself to become more confident when I play. When I went to the gym and worked with my team I did not only work hard but smart, therefor being productive when I play. So far I am close to half way done with the season and am excelling, I still have far to go but I am happy with my use of setting goals and becoming better.


During this year and after this course I have focused on becoming stronger and more comfortable in math, putting the grades aside. Before setting this goal with myself I thought about who I want to be (using the three step method). To do this I have been working after school independently and with my tutors. When I have scheduled time to work on my math I set up a space that works for me and helps me concentrate. Currently I am feeling more comfortable in the classroom, but I realize that I still am not even close to where I would like to be.


Put first things first… What you do with your day attributes to what you will become in life. Find what you love to do, your number one priority, is it your wellbeing, basketball, school, family? Instead of consuming your day with YouTube and games, you should be cultivating a healthier relationship with your family members or be in the gym trying to become the best you. Because at at many times there is a disconnect between what you want to do and what you do. What contributes to my well being is success and being exceptional at what I love, therefor I allocate my time appropriately.


The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your life running up and down the court and never score. When setting a goal think, what do I really want? Put first things first. The reasoning behind a goal is the manifestation of the completion. The reasoning must be there, or else it will not be compelling enough to complete. I found that when I did not right down my goals they where just daydreams. It is as little as keeping a journal and writing it down, and reflecting on the progress. 


The easiest way to finish a task is to get started! Procrastination is stealing from your own future. The failure to act; in itself is a result of ones complacency in the moment. To achieve your most insurmountable goals you must be productive day by day to conquer. 

Overall this course, PGP has helped me this year with becoming who I am today, and I will continue to wield it for life long happiness and learning. It has helped me become a better me and has aided the achievement of short and long term goals. Everything I’ve learned will help me achieve my goals, get into university and hopefully start a successful career.  With all this in mind I would like to work towards switching my approach on my life. Hopefully this experience, reflection and my artifact will continue to help my life for the better.

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