A Brighter Future

Energy is what makes the world go round! During this project we were tasked to create a generator that could capture clean renewable energy from nature.

This project was very cool because it gave my peers and I more knowledge about a very relevant topic for everyone. My partner (Alivia) and I really worked hard to create an awesome project:

1. Contribute to finding solutions to problems at a local and/or global level through inquiry.

During this project, my group member and I focused on the capture of renewable energy from nature to power our generators. This is very relevant because of all the issues our world is facing with global warming. Learning about how to build a generator that uses clean renewable energy can help us in the future.

2. Construct, analyze, and interpret graphs (including interpolation and extrapolation), models, and/or diagrams.

During the extent of this project we had to graph the rate of energy production of our generators against a solar panel. During our prior project, linear equations, we learned quite a bit about graphing. I was actually quite surprised to how our generator matched up against the solar panel, it was really impressive. It would take about 72,000 days for our generator to be the same price as regular energy.

3. Make observations aimed at identifying their own questions, including increasingly complex ones, about the natural world.

At the beginning, we had to figure how exactly we were going to capture energy from nature. We had to look at our natural environment, and see what we could create. As Vancouver is permanently rainy, and there are a ton of   streams close to the school, my group decided to create a water powered generator(water wheel). Water and streams is something you can almost always rely on, unlike wind (some groups found this out the hard way). 

4. Demonstrate a sustained intellectual curiosity about a scientific topic or problem of personal interest.

Our world is being corrupted by the global warming, and it seems as though our future is not so bright. Although there are many types of renewable energy sources, our world uses a lot of fossil fuels. Because our project relates to a relevant topic affecting everyone it makes it realistic and personal. This project was not only interesting but also was based of problem, knowing how energy can and is produced can help our generation in the future.

Unit Mind-Map:


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