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As the traditions of TPOLS begins it marks the end of the year and spawns an unsettling feeling. The first two years of high school have residually left me with little, faint memories at most. I feel this year, grade 10, will have left me with the gift of unforgettable lessons, experiences, and habits. Am I ready for grade 11? Hell Yea! 

I would confidently say that I am a student with many strengths, yet like a majority of people I have many more weaknesses. Throughout the year I have formed a new work habit trying to take responsibility for my growth. This goal has been to expose my weaknesses and turn them Into strengths. I believe that the way most people develop their projects is fundamentally wrong, and I feel as though they are prioritizing short term gains (sometimes a better product) then life long learning and versatility. One of my weaknesses is editing and post-production. I believe this is a flaw because for a vast majority of the time during group projects I do not come out of my comfort zone and try the things I struggle with the most. I find that my peers enforce who is capable at certain aspects so we end up sticking with our strengths instead of developing our weaknesses. One project that exemplifies this habit was my Peoples Podcast. During this project I took a heavy portion of work and was also able to work on my weaknesses, like post-production. I was introduced to a lot of new skills in Garageband and Imovie that would later translate to my other projects

Minorities In Canada | A PLP Unit

What makes success so sweet is failure, If we won everyday it would become bland. I am someone who carries through epic failures every year, this years epic fail is…(drum role please)… How to Change the World in Seattle. For this project failure is an understatement, I became complacent and followed through on the exact ways to fail a group project. A strong indication of failure is that I cannot pin point what I did during the project or even the message we strove to convey. The act of failure to me is not necessary a good outcome, yet it is a chance to learn and reflect on how you got their. I believe this failure started early on in this project when I was hesitant to begin, and not balancing work flow, the trip, and life. I was complacent and uninspired, therefor I should have reverted back to the main idea and gained inspiration. This was the polar opposite of another project I created later in the year.

The Journey To Discover Crazy

I’m sure each and every student has come in here and preached to you a life of time blocking, balance, organization, and perfection. Sadly, I can not promise you all those things. Today I stand before you naked, for this TPOLS meeting I am sticking to authenticity, I am a open book! During this year I have truthfully been quite balanced in my day to day life juggling the ordinary, basketball, school, family (I am quite the juggler). Now without examples my word wouldn’t mean much. I feel as though a few projects best exemplify this, Circle BC Podcast, Renewable Energy Unit, Pecha Kucha, and PGP workbooks. If I had to focus on one it would be the Circle BC Podcast. This is not the conventional project, this project was done throughout the extent of our BC trip. This made it a challenge to balance a conducive workflow and still experience the trip. On the trip many people had to be relied in and sometimes iPad and mic less, so to actually experience what was going on. Yet I was different, everyday I gathered an appropriate amount of footage and evidence, quickly molding and forming my project.

I look to the future and I see a better man then I am today. I strive to continue my growth as a human, student, basketball player, brother, son, and everything else. I will apply what I have learnt this year in PGP and experiences to continuously mold better and better habits. It may not always look like it from the exterior, but I take my growth and life very seriously. Thank you for listening and I encourage questions!


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