My Backyard

A place so close, yet so far, in our backyard but hours away. During my life I have been lucky enough to travel all around the world. Yet, gone unnoticed, BC.
As most years our, this school year came with an epic trip! This trip was subjectively the best for me. This trip was a 12 day adventure through vast, undiscovered BC. On this trip, we experienced three fazes. Faze 1: The Gold Rush, this faze was extremely fun and I was also prepared because of our resent project about the MIGHTY Fraser. Faze 2: First Nations Peoples, my favourite faze that delve into… intergenerational trauma, their culture, modern treaties, and a first nations group that is self governing. Faze 3: Industries, this was also quite interesting and the most present topic out of the three.
Before I regal you with the tales of lessons learned, unforgettable experiences, and my project, it is essential that I tell you all about the preparation for the trip and the idea around. Because, sadly we did not go on this trip just for sight seeing…
We started with, the Cariboo Gold Rush Game, this was a super fun project that got me extra psyched for the trip. The Cariboo Gold Rush occurred shortly before the confederation, the Gold rush is placed during the mid too late 1800 in British Columbia, Canada. This assignment began small then slowly turned into a huge ordeal. It was a Snakes and Ladders themed project for many, but my group member, Emily and I tried something a little different.
After, we briefly touched on both of the last two fazes. First, First Nations peoples, then after, Industries appropriate to Canada, like fishing, forestry, mining, and tourism. (As you can see these topics directly correlate with the itinerary for the trip).
This 12 day trip gave me an abundance of memories, and I was left shocked with the beauty BC holds. It might be cliche to say, but I was awe-struck by the beauty in my backyard during the countless hours of driving.
During this post I have already spoke about how I was gifted unforgettable experience and lessons learned. Now I must give some examples… First, I refurbished my speaking skills, casually and formally. During the trip I was blessed to meet many amazing people from all across this place I call home, BC. On the trip I spoke to many different people. On the ferry I spoke for a while to a kind, yet struggling homeless First Nations women. Also on the ferry I spoke to a thriving totem pole shaper who is contracted supposedly all throughout Canada.
On the trip my favourite faze was most definitely numero 2. First Nations Peoples have gone through decades of oppression and mistreatment, yet still they are still fighting for their culture and future. During the trip we went to the Nass Valley to see the famous Nisga’a Nation. The Nisga’a people are autonomous and self governed, this began because they signed one of the first modern treaties.
On the trip we were assigned to create a podcast, recording interviews and moments around the trip. I chose to revolve mine around passion, something that would become a common thread throughout my presentations during the year. I was quite impressed with my skills as I balanced a busy schedule throughout the trip and got a lot done, early!
The trip was done! I must admit I was relived to come home after 12 days with my peers and teachers. I was ready to start up my regular scheduled day to day life. Yet the experience we faced during the trip would not be tucked away underneath the darkest corner of my room. We still had use for the trip and my podcast would become an extension of my exhibition topic.
As time went by the exhibition came sooner and sooner and I was helpless without any idea of where to take my idea. I slowly came up with a plausible idea and went with it! My first idea was based of my ideal that my peers did not understand the importance of passion. This was a problem that I strongly believed in therefor phrasing my questions as, “how can I integrate the importance of passion into the BC curriculum”. Unfortunately, I chose to change or evolve my project into a video about someone in our community wielding their passion and finding success because of it!
Soon, I decided to put the peddle to the metal and find a viable interviewee in my community. I decided I would make a list, do some research, then email. After all that I whittle away to one person, Megan Curren.
Megan Curren is a long time business owner in deep cove (room6). She moved from the states with her husband and dog 16 years ago. She has always been passionate about everything she does and embodies the phrase “walk the talk”. After, consistent shortcoming for environmental policies, she decided too do something and was elected to our municipal government and joined  the North Vancouver Council.
It was now a few days away from the exhibition and she was nice enough to try and schedule me into her day. My good friend Marshall and I ventured down to the cove to meet up with her. The interview was short and helpful. I learned lots about the use of mics and pairing, videos and audio together. After the interview she went straight back to her usual self and began picking dirty cigarette buts off the ground (obviously we helped).
After, conducting the interview I began creating and editing the video. This took me quite a while but was pretty helpful to refine my editing skills. I decided to accompany my video, I would have a survey to support and collect knowledge from the audience.
Heres the final product:
After, the long awaited exhibition was over, it was time to party and complete some reflective writing (what your reading). Overall the exhibition itself went pretty well, maybe next time the boys could’ve been a little less lighthearted and more serious… I felt like in general this unit, trip, and project, have been extremely fun, difficult, and to be serious… life changing.

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