Fulfillment and Fun | Albuquerque Field Study

Grade 11 is on, and the blogs are back! We have recently started school and it was only suitable to take a field study to inaugurate the new year. As we are in grade 11 and are seasoned travellers, embracing maturity, you may be wondering where did we go for our 6th field study? (drum roll please)… Albuquerque, New Mexico. This trip was a multi day excursions that taught me more than the history of the atomic bomb. During this trip I learned about myself, peers and my work.

Posing In Albuquerque!

I must preface this with the fact that I have felt the most personal fulfillment and motivation from the trip and my work to date. This feeling of fulfillment is not something that you parade but internal gratification. Since then I have reflected on this experience and will try to articulate how I achieved this.

During the trip, Mr Hughes routinely said “flexibility is a tortoise trait”. Cognitive flexibility is very important, while on the trip I adopted a flexible mindset. Flexible thinking is the ability to actively switch gears and perceive something in a different fashion. It is critical thinking mechanisms that are exhibited when you stand open to multiple possibilities and ideas. It can also be exhibited when learners incorporate the ideals or thinking of others into their own during collaboration. I demonstrated this competency many times during this trip, One example is when interviewing multiple sources (informed and uninformed), I consumed and reflected on their ideas and embraced different views. When I began utilizing my interviews and conversations for more than face value, I began to indulge in more conversations and created a better project in general. 

Leaving your comfort zone and taking calculated risks makes work more enjoyable. During my project I experimented with my abilities. During the trip I interviewed and spoke to many people. All of this accumulated into becoming more comfortable reaching out. I found that I was enjoying myself and became interested in the topic more and more! Taking risks and experimenting is important it is the primary way to better yourself, yet that is not what I am most satisfied with. I belief that I followed the competencies and curriculum religiously during the trip. When taking risks you must asses your ability to do so with regulation. Going overboard and losing site at the task at hand is a common mishap.

In conclusion, I belief that my use of flexible thinking, risk taking, and regulation have lead me to success, fulfillment, and enjoying the trip more. In the future I will continue to build on these habits and mirror the same positive ideas. I chased betterment and found gratification.