Shoe Polish Stains | Think and Create: Week 1

At the moment we are living in unprecedented times. Coronavirus has cast a glooming shadow over the remainder of our school year, leaving my cohort and I learning from home. During the past 3 weeks, we have been situated on Zoom, learning through our screens. To put a positive note on this conundrum, It must be said that PLP is the most familiar with this digital learning, and has had a smooth and productive transition. Over the 3 weeks, we have been exploring a topic that has been occupying my thoughts in and out of class, racism. So far, we have learned about the history of African American people in the US through reading Dear Martin, listening to 1619 project, and walked around the Jim Crow Museum of Racist Memorabilia. on our computers!

This is a SS of the digital walking tour I took last week. It’s very interesting and I encourage you to check it out.

Each week, I will be completing a milestone that should represent a piece of my learning and connections of the week. This project, is not a formal assignments with criteria lists and specifications you have to meet. Instead, I had to do something much harder. I need to think. This artifact had to be summative, interesting, and thoughtful; and had to pull from our two driving competencies.

  1. Connect

  2. Analyze Cause and Consequence

For this weeks artifact, I wanted to start with a topic I have been thinking a lot about, the history of BlackFace and minstrel shows. To show my thinking I presented my ideas on the matter in a podcast form.

Hope you enjoyed and drew some new information from that. Be back next week, to join us on our adventure of learning, and to see all my new artifacts.

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