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Trust the process.

My journey to a habit built lifestyle has been long, turbulent, and disciplined. I have succeeded, and failed, time and time again. Slowly, with small changes everyday, I am evolving into a early waker, hike taker, hydrated, and flexible student athlete. I can feel my habits solidifying into a second nature, and its as regular as a morning shower.

Atomic Habits, by James Clear – you may have heard of this book before. This book was the  pivot of our year in PGP, and the recipe book to my habit building. James Clears book has helped me come to my current understanding of habits. Whether it’s long-term achievement, compounding the 1%, systems vs goals, or the 4 overarching laws, obvious, attractive, easy, and satisfying.

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Here is a conversation, Daniel and I had about the book, our lives, habits, and artifact. (ps. I have to work on not saying like so much.)

My Artifact

For this project, we were assigned to create an Artifact that exemplifies our understanding of Atomic Habits; considering the competency ACT. To demonstrate, I chose to once again make a podcast. I love creating podcasts because they are open ended, reflective, personal, and free flowing; all of these characteristics shine bright in this artifact. The steps to making a podcast is second nature now, but the work load never drops. When creating a standout podcast, you need to pull from a lot of pieces. A deep understanding of the topic, a solid script, killer homemade beats, and a little post-production.


Think: How do I make choices, question decisions, and develop habits to support achievement? 

This competency can be tracked to the beginning stages of the assignment, and the decisions I made. When I set my bench mark goals at the fetus stages of this project, I already knew I wanted my project to reflect the work, use, and commitment, I had shown in my personal time. In the end, I decided to create a podcast. I came to this conclusion because my personal stories and experiences, plus the ability to create, would carry the weight and equate into an impressive project. I knew I had done podcasts before, so the production side would be a walk in the park. Lastly, I thought that the beauty of the podcast was it’s ability to act out the second competency.

Act: How do I create and demonstrate a thorough and thoughtful understanding?

Firstly, before starting the stages of creation I knew I had the cards to throughly demonstrate my understanding – and I formed the outline to do exactly that. In the podcast I begin with what I have been doing with my understanding and interest for habit building, this sets the tone for the pod. After, I talked about how I was failing in the beginning. This was an alley-oop and the most important part: my learning and understanding for these experiences. To wrap it all up nicely I also added how I applied it, and how it helped solve earlier failures. All this accumulated into what I think is a personal demonstration of my understating and interest in atomic habits.

Reflect: How do I reflect to build knowledge?

Here it is! You’re looking at it! The blog post is the most textbook and concise means of reflection and knowledge building. While writing this post I have been recounting my steps and the learning that has accompanied it. I have talked about my competencies, learning, and shared experiences. Speaking of shared experiences, my chat with Daniel was also a sophisticated and documented example of how I reflect to build knowledge. We talked about each others learning and therefor learned from each other. The biggest take away from that experience with his hydration habits and what has kept him motivated.

That’s a wrap! It’s been a gruelling and life changing year in PGP. This may sound cheesy and unauthentic, but it’s the truth. Today, I write to you as a different more improved person. Thank you to my teachers for the help and guidance along the way, and I am excited to see what next year brings! 


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