Through the past four years I have been learning, sharpening my saw, and growing into the person and learner I am today; This presentation will be exactly that, what I have done, and why I am ready to transition into the next grade level. So let’s get it on!


It’s always preferable to start with the good news. So, let’s talk about my work that I am proud to present and what makes it so. This year more than any I can say confidently that I have the most work that I feel comfortable highlighting. And my favourite is my current project: a civil rights unit: We Shall Overcome. Justifiably so, because it is my latest project and I think it documents what I have learned from this year and how I have applied it.

So, as I was saying I think this project is a great example of my work, because it taught myself how to write from the heart and it is very relevant in today’s environment. Now I am going to give you the break down on the recipe for what I think is a successful unit. Firstly, I learned from my MPOLS – In which I talked about understanding what I am being asked to do and the competencies at hand. For example, Dear ___, is it racist? This was a milestone that was interesting, personal, and important, so it was imperative that I did not miss what was being asked. So, like clock work, whenever I felt myself losing the scent I would return to the roots of the project, that being the competencies:

A indirect plus to this was it genuinely became easier to write. I found that earlier in the year, whenever I took a blind stab at a project it usually came out wrong. Now, I take a blank piece of paper and write down an outline and how it applies to the competencies. This habit works extremely well, and helps the flow. As opposed to improvising while I write. I am sure my dad can back this up, because he is the one who was promoting and helping me do it.

Think & Create #2 | What does Racism and Justice look like in the 21st century?

Let’s talk more about the writing strategies, I have adopted this year. I have learned that to produce, the most evident, straight to the point, and textbook writing, I have to deliberately create a thesis after most points, that uses the competencies and my structured thoughts. This is illustrated in my latest think & create, a post which in my mind may be the #1 post and project I have created. Here is an example:


Poetry, poetry, poetry… I wish I was any good, but it seems I really didn’t know how to handle the artsy stuff. Intellectual insecurities, if only I knew, what I knew now.

This is something I have been thinking about a lot, and I think it poisons a majority of my work. It seems that I often, become so worried in making my work seem cool and smart but often it comes out confusing. I try so hard for people to think I am smart, that it becomes just a struggle to write with flow of ideas. From big words to vague statements, it makes it very hard to write. You can call it protein, evidence, substance, or meaning but I have been striving to find it. As opposed to writing so my thoughts appear smart, I have been trying for them to genuinely be relevant. In the poetry unit, a majority of my final poems came out to be short, fluffy, and a little fake.

Creating genuine and free flowing work, supported by evidences, and catering to competencies, will lead me to create work I am ultimately proud of. It will be a deal breaker for success in grade 12, and has been this years overarching lesson. I talked about my success, and by no coincidence, it is polar opposite to my failure. When I focus on the evidence, competencies, learning, and my understanding, it ensures I have the key part. I now have confidence that my creativity and skills will shine bright, when I follow my plan and let my words do the talking.


To conclude, this year was eventful, educating, and has changed me in more ways then one. I didn’t let anything stop me, sports, coronavirus, or busyness. Truly, I want it to be known, it was an awesome year. The people in front of me are the ones who made that happen; You are my support systems and have helped me, stay organized, perceiver, and learn. I continue to grow, learn, and better myself, for those reasons I am ready to advance to the final stage, grade 12.

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