About Me

Hello stalkers. Today you will get your chance to learn about the most important person in the world………. ME! This week we were assigned to work with the new and improved keynote to create a 15 to 20 second  video about things that describe and celebrate are selves!!


First the family, my family is everything. I think everyone can relate. Personally I have no idea what I would do without them! Next is the lock, because I am the only one that knows my capabilities. Third is the horizon because I’m always looking for nature. Lucky me, I live in Vancouver! Fourth is the little guty and the two bigger people, I am the little guy because I am a people pleaser. Next is the basketball riding the surfboard which sadly does not have a deeper meaning, I just like surfing and basketball.

The paper plane and the world are symbolic of my world view and that what I say stems from where I have been. Seventh is a mountain goat, I am the year of the mountain goat and so is my Opa. Next is the bright light on my neck to show that I am bright in places you would not except, the different skills have been strengthened with my time in PLP! Ninth is the key in the puzzle because no one really knows me. Except for you guys! Last but not least is the hamburger this is the love of my life the apple of my eye….. FOOD!



You may be wondering how I made this project, so I’ll let you in on a couple little PLP tricks. First we used Keynote, keynote just recently came out with a new update that allows you to use magic move, make new shapes and symbols and be able to move and shift thing differently. And keynote actually did something a lot like this project using the new update. Secound is we used GarageBand, one trick is if your a beginner you can use auto play to make copyright free beats! Last but not least the World Wide Web using blog44 to post and right about my experiences and life in PLP.