Oregon Field Study

About a week and a half ago we got back from Oregon. It was an amazing trip! We did so many fun things like ziplining, visiting the Oregon State University to learn about sea animals, seeing a rare cobblestone beach, quests and much more!

Along the trip we wrote down things we did each day in a journal, and now we will never forget!


Here’s the book I made!

After finishing the book we have to think about the core competency and write down our thoughts:


“Core Competency: Thinking about Thinking (Metacognition) 
Being aware of your own thoughts, strategies, feelings and actions and their effects on others.”
First things First: what is impulsivity. Impulsivity in short terms, is when you do something without thinking about if it is a good idea. An example: All of the sudden, you decide to take a hike, into the woods, without bear spray, on a whim.
But how are these things connected, you might ask? Impulsivity is when you don’t think about doing whatever your going to do. Metacognition is when you think about thinking about the thing your thinking of. See the connection? Metacognition and impulsivity are opposites, slow and fast, good and evil. That’s not saying impulsivity is a bad thing, it’s just not always a good thing all the time.
So how did I manage my impulsivity on the trip?:
-I tried to think before speaking. Unfortunately this didn’t always work, sometimes I just blurted things out. Fortunately though, as the trip went on, I managed to improve and by the end it had become a problem. I would start a sentence, not finish it. Start a question, not answer it. So then I tried to say whatever popped into my head for a day, and it worked! I am now still trying to finish all my sentences, and I am getting better.
– When working in a group I try to ask the people if they agree with what my idea is before I do it. I am actually pretty good at this one. My 1 problem though is that if I think it’s a really good idea I might just do it anyways, but thankfully I only did this a few times on this trip. I managed to not do it by trying to see my idea from other people’s point of view. I also tried to ask them for there reasons to why they thought my idea was a bad idea.
-When answering a question, I tried to raise my hand. On the trip I think I did a pretty good job of raising my hand before answering a question. I am generally good at this because I don’t like everybody watching when I blurt something out.
Now all this explains how I managed my impulsivity, but mixed in with these are how I thought interdependently, worked as a group and discussed things with my class!
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