No, I Don’t Have Any Relation To Rogers Wireless

“Oh my god, Kate Rogers, you must be related to Rogers Wireless somehow!” No, I’m really not, but now I can at least do a bit of research on the company’s plans. Why you ask? Because recently in math class we’ve been studying linear equations and using algebraic formulas to solve equations. We were tasked with researching three cell phone companies to compare plan prices and see which is the cheapest option. My partner for this mini project was Isobel, and we chose Rogers (obviously), Bell, and Virgin mobile. We then had find a way to algebraically find the intersection point of the prices.  The next step was to put them into graphs. Isobel and I worked well together because we knew we had to get it done as soon as possible since I’d be gone before the official due date.

These are the graphs we made:

Comparison Of All Three
Prices If You Never Went Over Your Data

Thanks to these graphs we found that if you’re somehow a magician who doesn’t EVER go over your data, that Virgin Mobile would offer the best 3GB plan for you. However.. if you’re like me and you have problems dealing with finding wifi and just give up and use your data instead, than Bell offers the cheapest overage rates. I might just have to switch from Rogers… but I can’t beat my own name either..

Anyways, overall we did learn a few things from this project and we wanted to create a way to present the information that we’d learned. So for our final presentation to the class – well, Isobel’s presentation, I was absent yet again – we created a keynote prior to the due date. One of the most important things I learned from this project was effective communication between partners. Since I was going to be away (I swear it’s a valid reason) for the presentation day, we had to split the project up and get it done as fast as we could, and we were both busy after school so we only had class time.

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