An average post about pencil power

This a post about our most recent project. This project was called “The Power of a Pencil” of course, when we say “pencil” we really mean apple pencil.

this project was all about drawing, sketching and all the other similar things. We learned techniques to draw better, we learned about all the tools our iPad can give us to enhance our photos and we learned how to edit photos within photo editing apps.

The first task we were assigned was to make art around our name while including it and making use of many tools. This happens to be one of my favourite! I chose this Color scheme because, well, I don’t really know. It kind of just came to me while I was drawing it. I love how the light and shadows turned out because that was the part I wanted to add the most.

This was the word art I came up with!

The second “Milestone” as we call it, was that we had to make a sketch note page based on this video.

This was the video we sketch noted on! You should try it, it’s great material!

I only chose to add the words and illustrations for words that really stood out to me because adding everything would be way too much work for anyone unless you can pause the video every 2 seconds. Moreover if you did your page would be a mishmash of random words that couldn’t be put into anything structured.

This is my sketch note page!

This third task was one of the most difficult simply, because I am terrible at drawing people. The hardest part of this assignment for me was drawing the lips on myself because they never looked quite right.

This was my self portrait. It’s not perfect (of course) but I did my best and I can be proud of that.


For our fourth task we sketched a bowl of fruit. This one was also very difficult because you had to get the colours and smudging just right or the picture didn’t work.

This was my fruit bowl. Again, not perfect but I’m proud of how it turned out.

The fifth and final task, was to create a logo for our fictional business of our choice. My idea for a cool store was a sort of, off beat/“out there” clothing store. This was the logo I ended up with.

This was the logo for my business; Kenan’s. Pronounce it however you’d like.

And I have one more piece of art that was not included in the milestones. It’s my “final piece”! Anyway, here you go!

This is the final piece of art I made. Actually its more like I improved the first version. But im very proud of this one!


Anyway, that’s it for the work I’ve already done. Now, onto the reflecting part.

How can we use Apple Pencils to enhance our learning?

This is a BIG question and there are so many answers to it I don’t know how to begin. Anyway, I think that one way is we can make precise movements and action on our iPads that otherwise couldn’t be done with a finger. Another is to learn and practice techniques on our iPad that take lots of time and resources when using paper. There area many more great answers to this question and I think they are all great but these two are the ones that really came to me and that I understand the best.

Thanks for reading!


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