An average post about the Renaissance

Hey again! In this post I will be talking about the Renaissance! Our most recent project in humanities was all based off of the renaissance (or at least most of it was).

I hope you enjoy this post!


Our task for Milestone One was to create a mind map with the seven branches of worldview; geography, time, beliefs, society, economy, knowledge, and values, then, make branches off of those to show how our worldview has changed during the transition fro elementary school to high school.

Here’s my mind node!

Milestone two:  here’s another milestone not related the renaissance. In this milestone we altered the lyrics to the song “It’s the end of the world as we know it” by R.E.M. to make our own little “parody” however, we were asked to make the song entered around ourselves and to try to make them as closely related to the transition from elementary to high school.

This is the first part of my song’s lyrics

And here’s the second part!

Milestone 3: In this part of our project we finally recorded our final song. Just kidding! Anyway, we recorded our vocals over the instrumental version in GarageBand on our iPads. This was new, but fun and I enjoyed the experience of learning to use a new program. Unfortunately I can’t share my individual song with you but I will share the group one I promise!


Milestone 4: this milestone was a little write up about a certain subject from the Renaissance. I chose the emergence of humanism. I thought that this was important because it shaped the entirety of modern science.

Part 1

Part 2

Milestone 5: this was the group song that we created by combining all 3 of our member’s songs. You can check it out HERE although I’m not sure what happened when uploading it to YouTube as it seems to have cut 70% of the song out. I’m not sure what happened when the video was uploaded but I can try to get it fixed. I hope I can so you can hear the full song!

Now that we’ve reached the end of the milestones, its time to talk about the curricular competencies!

Create: this competency is about showing the skills you use to create anything really. I think that I have shown lots of skills throughout this project; many of which were used in the song and many others in the writing and note taking parts as well. Although I didn’t fully complete this project I still think that I did a good job by creating song lyrics which were true to myself and showed a point of view in a somewhat comedic way.

Cause and Consequence: this competency is all about, well, finding the cause of an event, then finding the consequences of said event. I think that I have showed this pretty well because I have recognized and shown the consequences and such for large scale historic events like the emergence of humanism especially in the time of the Renaissance.

Now that we’ve reached the end of the post I’d just like to say that this was definitely not my BEST work as I did miss a lot of school during this and my entire group definitely could have done with a lot more effort put into this project. In other words, I hope I can do better on my next project!

Thanks for reading this far! Until next time!

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  1. Hello Keenan,
    I like your post. It is pretty detailed and clear to read. I also like that you included a screenshot of your lyrics instead of putting them directly into your blog. Smart.
    I noticed that you promised to include your group song video, but I can’t find it. What’s up with that?

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