An average post about D.I. “Provincials”

With the recent event unfolding, a lot of confusion occurred. This definitely affected everyone immediately, one of those thing affected was D.I.. When D.I. Was cancelled we were definitely wondering what was going to happen from then on. Our teachers decided the show mist go on! No matter the circumstances this was going to happen. With this all happening we had to improvise.

Here was the plan: (please refer to my D.I. Regionals post before you read this post) we would change our entire presentation to help incorporate the online camera aspect. We did this by using the virtual background that zoom provides. We could change the setting easily, and that helped us lots. The only problem that was a large issue was the bridge. In the circumstances we had we had to change lots of the rules. This wasn’t an issue though, because this wasn’t the D.I. tournament we were expecting. Unfortunately I don’t have any images or footage to use because we didn’t think of recording the zoom call. But we changed the story to have us in a sort of competition to create a setting where collaboration in person wasn’t something we required. We did this by having each person making a bridge and our group continuing on with our “three little pigs” vibe. The first bridge was too weak and very light, the second bring too heavy and very strong, and the third being a good balance of light and strong. We tried to use bits and pieces of the children’s story to make our story a little less full of holes.


I hope you enjoyed my reflection on that very new experience! Stay strong!