An average post about a weird exhibition

So far, 2020 has been a train wreck. And we need to keep on moving despite that, and this was one of things that came from that.

Spring Exhibition 2020

This exhibition was different, there’s no question there. And for a while, there was no ideas for how to make the exhibition happen. Then, we started using Zoom for online classes and began learning all the great features it has. Anyway, onto the explanation of my groups project/s

When we were told that the exhibition would be held on zoom, we were all confused. But we didn’t have to worry too much, because our amazing teachers were there for us! They had a plan set up and if we got stuck on something they gave us some ideas to kick start our brains.

Anyway we were given a choice of the 14 UN’s sustainability goals. Although my group was focused on water (goals 6 and 14) my project was more about goal 12. Goal 12 was about responsible consumption.

My project idea was a more sustainable shower head to reduce water waste. My product was designed for most people around the world who I’ve in areas with accessible fresh water who want to be more sustainable with no extra effort on their part. Just put on the shower head and your saving water!

Here’s a rough idea of what the product would look like.

Our preparations for the exhibition were all over the place. We were struggling at the beginning for inspiration then we thought of some small ideas for the presentation of our projects and they just kept rolling out. We decided on having a short quiz in which we would ask questions regarding the specific problems we were addressing with our products. But before that, we needed an introduction, and what better way to start off a presentation about water than swimming onto camera! We had an intro to the problems with the sustainability goals our group worked on and an outro saying some things you can do to help the issues yourself.


I hope that you reading this will take steps in the future or already are taking steps to prevent ocean pollution, water waste, and sanitization issues around the world. Until next year!


An average post about New France

Hello, and welcome to my final humanities blog post until grade 9. In this project, we looked at New France, and how artifacts can tell stories through time.

Milestone 1: In this milestone we chose an object that could, in 100 years represent this pandemic and physical distancing. I chose a pillow from my room because it represents a large aspect of home and we know we’ll be here for a while.

This is the pillow I chose

Milestone 2: In milestone 2, we created our story’s main character. My character took a lot of thought, especially in the story itself.

Here’s the card I created to tell you about my character.

Milestone 3: In the last milestone I explained my character, now I get to explain the artifact that will appear in my story. My artifact is not an arrowhead that actually exists but one to represent what they were at the time of New France.

This is my artifact (ignore the cringe name)

Milestone 4: This was the first draft of our story. I wont show it here because I want you to red the whole thing in milestone 5.

Milestone 5: Now, you probably already know, but this is my story. You can read it by clicking the PDF below

Competency time!

Communicate: this competency was focused on sharing ideas with various media. I think that the story is the main exhibit of this but overall this whole project has shown this skill and I think that I have done pretty well at it.

Us evidence from various sources: This competency was about making sure all of your information is true. Although the stories our class created relied heavily on creativity, we have used real information regarding the artifacts and other aspects of this project. I think that I have fact checked all of the information there was on First Nations arrowhead to make sure that all of it was true.


Thanks for reading this far! Until next year!

An average post about road trips

Hello, and welcome to my post about our latest scimatics project: The Ultimate Road Trip! This project was about designing a road trip and calculating its cost with a budget of $10,000.


Milestone 1: This milestone was a bit different than other scimatics project because it wasn’t the usual mind map. This milestone was the choice of car and its cost. I chose a Tesla Model X for $271 a day.

Milestone 2: Milestone 2 was just some generic math practice. Nothing more to say about it really

Milestone 3: Milestone 3 was a quiz to ensure that we learned what we needed from the previous milestone.

Milestone 4: This was our final cost and a spreadsheet with the math to calculate it. We needed to calculate daily and one time expenses.

This was my budget chart. I added some snacks for the drive.

Milestone 5: In milestone 5, we made the equation to calculate total cost, a map of the route we were taking, and a graph of the costs per day.

My equation was y=721x+4612 (y is total cost, and x represents days past.)

This was the route I was to take. I went from london all the way to Rome!

And here is my graph. The number on the bottom is days past, and on the side is cost.

Competency time!!

Reasoning and Analyzing: This competency is about making sure that all of your estimates were reasonable. I think that I did pretty good at this one and didn’t make too many estimates or assumptions in the first place.

Connecting and Reflecting: This competency was focused on seeing that we have connected math to whatever we’ve done on the road trip. I think that I showed this in my budget chart and that that’s a good example.

Communicating and Representing: This competency was based on showing equations with concrete evidence behind me. I think that I showed this in the budget chart and graph.


Thanks for reading my newest blog post! Bye!!

An average post about TPOLs

Hello and welcome to my post about my first TPOL experience. In this post I’m going to reflect on my learning throughout this past year. Into the post! It may not be the best, but I’m trying my best here!

Overall, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done this year regarding school. Sometimes things went well, and sometimes they didn’t, but hey, thats how life is sometimes. And I dealt with it. One of the latter times was a project we did at the beginning of the year. It was a humanities project called “The Media is the Message”. I wont go too in-depth here because I talked about it in my mPOL post which you can find HERE. But overall I think that this project was a failure to begin with, but I learned from the failure and tried again until I got it right, and for the successful things, I’m proud of my work was a scimatics project called “Chemistry Coding” this was a project where we used Scratch to create a game that demonstrated chemical reactions in a fun way. You can learn more about that HERE. I think that I learned some great strategies for concentrating and getting things done.

This year I’ve had some great times, but I think that maker is a great example of this. Something very unique to maker is that every project we do incurs a whole lot of creativity. A great example of this is DI (blog posts here (Regionals) and (“Provincials”)). As awkward as DI is for us in the beginning, once we get the imaginary ball rolling we don’t stop for a while. I think that thats very important because creativity can be a huge tool with many things. There are great examples of this like high school students becoming famous through an invention or such. I’d like to build on my creativity more next year and maybe make some fun projects too, I’m looking forward to it!

This year, I’ve procrastinated a lot, and online school definitely isn’t helping. So I’d like to make it a goal of mine to try and minimize the amount of late work I hand in from now on. I hope I can get it to almost none in grade 9!


Overall, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished over the past year and I think that, although it wasn’t the greatest, it was mine, and thats good enough for me. Until next year’s tPOL!

One last thing. I’d like to thank the teachers of PLP so much for making all of this possible. You’ve put us through a lot, but we know its all for our learning.


An average post about photos

This is a post about our most recent maker project. It was called witness to history, and was about showing an aspect of our current lives with photos. I’ll be skimming over most of this project because it was all mostly focused on the product itself.

Milestones 1-4: these milestones were all to get us ready to take our photo essay, for example milestone 4, the storyboard. This was meant to be a rough idea of where the and how the photos and their respective angles would be.

Here’s my storyboard (sorry for the messy writing)

Now for the real photo essay. This was where all the work we’ve done so far went to.

Be an empowered learner: this competency is based on using technology to further your understanding of your learning. I think that I showed this by using the technology I was given to make a product I am proud of.
Be an active digital citizen: this competency is very similar to the other one being that it’s related to technology. This one was about connecting to the world with technology. I think that I did this by showing the perspective of a group of people on current events.
Thanks for reading this far! Until next time!