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Hello, and welcome to my post about our latest scimatics project: The Ultimate Road Trip! This project was about designing a road trip and calculating its cost with a budget of $10,000.


Milestone 1: This milestone was a bit different than other scimatics project because it wasn’t the usual mind map. This milestone was the choice of car and its cost. I chose a Tesla Model X for $271 a day.

Milestone 2: Milestone 2 was just some generic math practice. Nothing more to say about it really

Milestone 3: Milestone 3 was a quiz to ensure that we learned what we needed from the previous milestone.

Milestone 4: This was our final cost and a spreadsheet with the math to calculate it. We needed to calculate daily and one time expenses.

This was my budget chart. I added some snacks for the drive.

Milestone 5: In milestone 5, we made the equation to calculate total cost, a map of the route we were taking, and a graph of the costs per day.

My equation was y=721x+4612 (y is total cost, and x represents days past.)

This was the route I was to take. I went from london all the way to Rome!

And here is my graph. The number on the bottom is days past, and on the side is cost.

Competency time!!

Reasoning and Analyzing: This competency is about making sure that all of your estimates were reasonable. I think that I did pretty good at this one and didn’t make too many estimates or assumptions in the first place.

Connecting and Reflecting: This competency was focused on seeing that we have connected math to whatever we’ve done on the road trip. I think that I showed this in my budget chart and that that’s a good example.

Communicating and Representing: This competency was based on showing equations with concrete evidence behind me. I think that I showed this in the budget chart and graph.


Thanks for reading my newest blog post! Bye!!

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