An average post about New France

Hello, and welcome to my final humanities blog post until grade 9. In this project, we looked at New France, and how artifacts can tell stories through time.

Milestone 1: In this milestone we chose an object that could, in 100 years represent this pandemic and physical distancing. I chose a pillow from my room because it represents a large aspect of home and we know we’ll be here for a while.

This is the pillow I chose

Milestone 2: In milestone 2, we created our story’s main character. My character took a lot of thought, especially in the story itself.

Here’s the card I created to tell you about my character.

Milestone 3: In the last milestone I explained my character, now I get to explain the artifact that will appear in my story. My artifact is not an arrowhead that actually exists but one to represent what they were at the time of New France.

This is my artifact (ignore the cringe name)

Milestone 4: This was the first draft of our story. I wont show it here because I want you to red the whole thing in milestone 5.

Milestone 5: Now, you probably already know, but this is my story. You can read it by clicking the PDF below

Competency time!

Communicate: this competency was focused on sharing ideas with various media. I think that the story is the main exhibit of this but overall this whole project has shown this skill and I think that I have done pretty well at it.

Us evidence from various sources: This competency was about making sure all of your information is true. Although the stories our class created relied heavily on creativity, we have used real information regarding the artifacts and other aspects of this project. I think that I have fact checked all of the information there was on First Nations arrowhead to make sure that all of it was true.


Thanks for reading this far! Until next year!

An average post about TPOLs

Hello and welcome to my post about my first TPOL experience. In this post I’m going to reflect on my learning throughout this past year. Into the post! It may not be the best, but I’m trying my best here!

Overall, I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done this year regarding school. Sometimes things went well, and sometimes they didn’t, but hey, thats how life is sometimes. And I dealt with it. One of the latter times was a project we did at the beginning of the year. It was a humanities project called “The Media is the Message”. I wont go too in-depth here because I talked about it in my mPOL post which you can find HERE. But overall I think that this project was a failure to begin with, but I learned from the failure and tried again until I got it right, and for the successful things, I’m proud of my work was a scimatics project called “Chemistry Coding” this was a project where we used Scratch to create a game that demonstrated chemical reactions in a fun way. You can learn more about that HERE. I think that I learned some great strategies for concentrating and getting things done.

This year I’ve had some great times, but I think that maker is a great example of this. Something very unique to maker is that every project we do incurs a whole lot of creativity. A great example of this is DI (blog posts here (Regionals) and (“Provincials”)). As awkward as DI is for us in the beginning, once we get the imaginary ball rolling we don’t stop for a while. I think that thats very important because creativity can be a huge tool with many things. There are great examples of this like high school students becoming famous through an invention or such. I’d like to build on my creativity more next year and maybe make some fun projects too, I’m looking forward to it!

This year, I’ve procrastinated a lot, and online school definitely isn’t helping. So I’d like to make it a goal of mine to try and minimize the amount of late work I hand in from now on. I hope I can get it to almost none in grade 9!


Overall, I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished over the past year and I think that, although it wasn’t the greatest, it was mine, and thats good enough for me. Until next year’s tPOL!

One last thing. I’d like to thank the teachers of PLP so much for making all of this possible. You’ve put us through a lot, but we know its all for our learning.


An average post about the Renaissance

Hey again! In this post I will be talking about the Renaissance! Our most recent project in humanities was all based off of the renaissance (or at least most of it was).

I hope you enjoy this post!


Our task for Milestone One was to create a mind map with the seven branches of worldview; geography, time, beliefs, society, economy, knowledge, and values, then, make branches off of those to show how our worldview has changed during the transition fro elementary school to high school.

Here’s my mind node!

Milestone two:  here’s another milestone not related the renaissance. In this milestone we altered the lyrics to the song “It’s the end of the world as we know it” by R.E.M. to make our own little “parody” however, we were asked to make the song entered around ourselves and to try to make them as closely related to the transition from elementary to high school.

This is the first part of my song’s lyrics

And here’s the second part!

Milestone 3: In this part of our project we finally recorded our final song. Just kidding! Anyway, we recorded our vocals over the instrumental version in GarageBand on our iPads. This was new, but fun and I enjoyed the experience of learning to use a new program. Unfortunately I can’t share my individual song with you but I will share the group one I promise!


Milestone 4: this milestone was a little write up about a certain subject from the Renaissance. I chose the emergence of humanism. I thought that this was important because it shaped the entirety of modern science.

Part 1

Part 2

Milestone 5: this was the group song that we created by combining all 3 of our member’s songs. You can check it out HERE although I’m not sure what happened when uploading it to YouTube as it seems to have cut 70% of the song out. I’m not sure what happened when the video was uploaded but I can try to get it fixed. I hope I can so you can hear the full song!

Now that we’ve reached the end of the milestones, its time to talk about the curricular competencies!

Create: this competency is about showing the skills you use to create anything really. I think that I have shown lots of skills throughout this project; many of which were used in the song and many others in the writing and note taking parts as well. Although I didn’t fully complete this project I still think that I did a good job by creating song lyrics which were true to myself and showed a point of view in a somewhat comedic way.

Cause and Consequence: this competency is all about, well, finding the cause of an event, then finding the consequences of said event. I think that I have showed this pretty well because I have recognized and shown the consequences and such for large scale historic events like the emergence of humanism especially in the time of the Renaissance.

Now that we’ve reached the end of the post I’d just like to say that this was definitely not my BEST work as I did miss a lot of school during this and my entire group definitely could have done with a lot more effort put into this project. In other words, I hope I can do better on my next project!

Thanks for reading this far! Until next time!

An Average Post About the Dark Ages

Hi! Welcome to the newest edition to my blog. A post about the Middle Ages! Today I will be referring to our “This Changes Everything” project. This project was all about the Middle Ages. We learned about the plague, the crusades and other parts of medieval life. My persona favourite part of this project was when we created our own character for our “medieval life simulation” during this, we created our own character based on the role in society we were given. Is as a monk of the church, this meant, I could read and write but I had almost the same rights as a serf (the lowest point of society at the time). Anyway I’ll mention that all later. So, into the post!


Milestone 1: Before I start to talk about this milestone I think that this project needs some more explanation. When this project was started, we were told that we needed to read a book. This book, being, “The Book of the Lion”. This is a book based around the crusades that occurred in the Middle Ages. The book was historical fiction depicting the life of a man that was nearly executed but instead used as a crusader due to his physical ability. Anyway, now you know about the book so this should be less confusing. In the first milestone we were to create a document showing our strategies and plans for reading the book a steady amount per day. This was a minor milestone but it still had an effect on the way most people read the book.

Milestone 2: This was the milestone that I mentioned during the introduction. This wa my favourite milestone even though I didn’t do as good of a job as I would have liked. I enjoyed this milestone because it allowed for a lot of creativity because you create the personality, background, and feelings of your own character from the Middle Ages.

This was the letter describing my character and his life.

Milestone 3: Milestone 3 was different from the rest of the milestones in this project because it happened over the course of 3 weeks. Each week we had a different role assigned to us. Each role had a different assignment. The first week I was an “artist” and  drew a picture of something that I thought was important. The other two ones were connector and summarizer.

This was my piece of art it is the main character’s horse named Winterstar. (I’m not that good at art)

Milestone 4: In this milestone we were partnered up with a random classmate and worked on researching change and continuity in the Middle Ages. I was paired up with Amy Sheardown (check out her blog HERE) and we got to work on our research document. For our change and continuity our main emphasis were on women’s rights and education (women’s rights=change education=continuity).


Milestone 5: Present. One word. We created a presentation for our class that explained the continuity and change on the subjects that we had chosen in class. As I said in the section about milestone 4, we chose women’s and education. Everyone had great presentations and we showed what we had learned up to that point. I have a video of the presentation too! But you don’t get to see that…….


Curricular competency time!!

Comprehend: this curricular competency is about the strategies you use to learn, read, and just comprehend anything really. I think that I used a lot of strategies that I probably haven’t even noticed because I read a lot and have for a long time, but a strategy that I know I used were to summarize each chapter in a note at the end to help myself understand it better if I needed to come back to that chapter.

Identifying continuity and change: this curricular competency is based of of your ability to make connections from what you read to your life as it is and I think that I am pretty good at this because of the time that I have spent reading and enjoying books that have a main character or plot that I can personally relate to.


Thanks for reading this far into my blog post!

Until next time!


An average post about my mPOL

Hey, For this post I will be talking about my learning and reflecting on the skills I have learned throughout this year. This post will include a reflection on each subject covered in PLP. This includes: Humanities, Scimatics, Maker, and PGP. For each subject I will provide an example of my work ethic, habits, and proficiency.

The first thing I would like to talk about is this question. “What is my learning goal that I want to reach by the end of the school year, and how will I meet it? This is a very tough question that will come up a few times in this post because this is something that will stay with me for the rest of this school year. Anyway, let’s get to the reflecting.

Humanities: this is one of the two classes that we have every day, meaning that I have lots of examples of work habits and such. The example that I chose for humanities was actually part of our first humanities project, this being The Media is the Message (you can find my post about this project HERE). I have chosen milestone 3 as an example of my hard work because it shows that when I get invested into something I can put a lot of hard work and effort into it to be the best it can be.

This is an example of some work in humanities that I went beyond the expected work without even realizing it.

Scimatics: this is the other class that we have every day! Anyway, in this section I will talk about and mention parts about teamwork and evidence of high quality work. For the scimatics portion of this post I want to talk about our Laser Maze (find it HERE) project. This project was based all around dividing work and teamwork when needed. To be honest, I think I took a little too much of this project on by myself, and made it harder than it could have if I had help from my group members. The thing that I am most proud of in this project was actually the final product. The final product of this project was to make a triangle out of lasers in a Star Wars themed ship/object. We made a Venator class republic star destroyer.

This is the “laser maze” my group made. It’s a Venator class star destroyer from the clone wars.

Maker: this class takes up one of our elective spots, for better or worse, I’m not sure yet, but there have been some great experiences with this class. One of those being the subject for this section! A great experience that I am proud of in maker class was part of the “Power of a Pencil” (find that post HERE) project. The part that I want to focus on is the first milestone A.K.A. name art. The reason I chose this piece was because I was so invested that I even decided to take my time and add to the original and send the second version in. I thought that overall that project let my creativity come out a lot and help me make something that represents myself.

This is the final piece of art I made. I’m very proud of this one!

PGP: PGP definitely isn’t a conventional class. Every month or so a PGP meeting is help where we discuss something important. A part of PGP that I haven’t really used as much as I want to is Things. Things is a great time management app that has a bunch of features built in to help you stay on-track. I try to keep up with things as much as possible but a lot of the time I forget to look at it. I’m looking forward to the PGP meetings ahead of me to help me learn new strategies to keep on top of the game!

This is the Things logo!

Now, for the part where I reflect on my work! (Yay)

This first half-school year in high school has been a huge ramp up in terms of work, but I like that I have to work hard to get better at something like this. Of course, with learning comes FAILure the FAIL meaning “First Attempt in Learning” I have had many of those, but of all of them the piece of work that I am least proud of is definitely my first business advertisement. It was a train wreck and I had no idea if it looked good or bad but I think that over this first half-year I have definitely improved and learned that FAILure isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And now, for the final part of this post! A question! One for myself, or whoever’s reading this.
What new strategies can I use to help further my understanding of what I’m learning?

Thanks for reading this far!






An average post about media

How does what we read, hear, and see influence us?
This is a great question that requires lots of understanding to answer. That’s why it was the “driving question” for our media/advertising unit named “The Media is the Message”.

This post is the “wrap up” for our project and it is also a reflection to look back on what we learned and apply that to something to show what we have learned.

We started this project with no expectations for what it was going to become. This was a huge surprise when it became something so impactful and important. In the first important activity we did was the dissection of an apple ad titled “welcome home” it is a very abstract and colourful ad. This all had a purpose though. The purpose of the flashy colours and abstract art style was all to create a memorable, fun, smooth ad. The big idea with these concepts was to make consumers remember the ad when in a store or when they are shopping in the electronics department as a whole. In this lesson we had learned that with big companies they wave the air reputation around to age abstract ads like these with “hidden” messages.

In the second important “milestone” as we call them, we performed a “survey”. This was a “survey” for two people. Yourself and a close family member or friend. This ad was supposed to show the impact of advertising on you or others, for example: one question on the survey was “have you recently bought anything solely on advertising?”. This question was there to show that whether or not advertising had a big enough impact on you for you to actually buy something just because it looked good in an ad.

This is the advertising survey. My answers are black and my mom’s are purple.

The third tsk we had to complete was the “persuasion chart”. It was a chart thats purpose was to have you explain what each print advertisement used in terms of techniques to get the reader hooked. This was an interesting project because you chose the ads yourself. This meant that you had to go find them all and perhaps use ones that had an impact on yourself.

This is the “persuasion chart” this was to show how ads persuade you.

The fourth step in this project was an analysis on a book called the highest tide. This was a book that we had been reading throughout his entire project so far. However this was the reflection that had to explain what effect media had on the main character of the book. This was to show our understanding of the message the book was trying to send to you about the effect of media.

This is the cover of The Highest Tide by Jim Lynch

The fifth and sixth task we had to complete were nearly identical. The difference was that one was after the other so that we could use our learning from the first to improve the second. The first of those 2 tasks was an advertisement for a local business. First we interviewed one of their employees for information on what sort of advertisement they were looking for. Next, we would create the advertisement by making drafts. We would get feedback from our classmates on what they all thought was good and what could we improvement. The second version of this assignment was to make an advertisement for a business in Oregon. The only difference between this and the local business were the fact that we got feedback from teachers not students this time.

This is the ad I made for High Life Adventures.