An average post about road trips

Hello, and welcome to my post about our latest scimatics project: The Ultimate Road Trip! This project was about designing a road trip and calculating its cost with a budget of $10,000.


Milestone 1: This milestone was a bit different than other scimatics project because it wasn’t the usual mind map. This milestone was the choice of car and its cost. I chose a Tesla Model X for $271 a day.

Milestone 2: Milestone 2 was just some generic math practice. Nothing more to say about it really

Milestone 3: Milestone 3 was a quiz to ensure that we learned what we needed from the previous milestone.

Milestone 4: This was our final cost and a spreadsheet with the math to calculate it. We needed to calculate daily and one time expenses.

This was my budget chart. I added some snacks for the drive.

Milestone 5: In milestone 5, we made the equation to calculate total cost, a map of the route we were taking, and a graph of the costs per day.

My equation was y=721x+4612 (y is total cost, and x represents days past.)

This was the route I was to take. I went from london all the way to Rome!

And here is my graph. The number on the bottom is days past, and on the side is cost.

Competency time!!

Reasoning and Analyzing: This competency is about making sure that all of your estimates were reasonable. I think that I did pretty good at this one and didn’t make too many estimates or assumptions in the first place.

Connecting and Reflecting: This competency was focused on seeing that we have connected math to whatever we’ve done on the road trip. I think that I showed this in my budget chart and that that’s a good example.

Communicating and Representing: This competency was based on showing equations with concrete evidence behind me. I think that I showed this in the budget chart and graph.


Thanks for reading my newest blog post! Bye!!

An average post about photos

This is a post about our most recent maker project. It was called witness to history, and was about showing an aspect of our current lives with photos. I’ll be skimming over most of this project because it was all mostly focused on the product itself.

Milestones 1-4: these milestones were all to get us ready to take our photo essay, for example milestone 4, the storyboard. This was meant to be a rough idea of where the and how the photos and their respective angles would be.

Here’s my storyboard (sorry for the messy writing)

Now for the real photo essay. This was where all the work we’ve done so far went to.

Be an empowered learner: this competency is based on using technology to further your understanding of your learning. I think that I showed this by using the technology I was given to make a product I am proud of.
Be an active digital citizen: this competency is very similar to the other one being that it’s related to technology. This one was about connecting to the world with technology. I think that I did this by showing the perspective of a group of people on current events.
Thanks for reading this far! Until next time!

An average post about disease in exploration

Hello everyone! Today ill be telling you all about our most recent project. This one was a “joint” project between scimatics and humanities. Anyway, let’s get into this!

Humanities 1: this will be humanities milestone one. I will be swapping between the two so don’t get confused. This milestone was based off of an animated movie we watched Called Osmosis Jones. We watched the movie, then we would write down the plot of the movie using a storyboard. We would then reflect on how that story was similar to our current situation.

Here was my storyboard and paragraph.


Scimatics 1: As always, we started our new scimatics project with a mind map. This one was about cells and diseases and the questions we had about them.

Here’s my mind map!

Humanities 2: In this milestone, we read some comic books and analyzed them through a pre-made chart. I read a Darth Vader comic as well as a Black Panther comic.

Here’s the chart I made for the Black Panther comic. 

Scimatics 2: This was a particularly fun milestone. Because I got to use a photo editing app! In this milestone we made a wanted poster for the disease that we chose. It was supposed to look just like a real old western wanted poster.

This was my wanted poster!

Humanities 3: In this milestone our driving question for humanities finally came to make sense. it was “what was/is the significance of global exploration”. This was important now because we would finally choose an explorer from around 1400-1600. We also did some research on them and their life.

This is a piece of the research that we did on the explorer that we chose. I chose Juan Ponce de Leon

Scimatics 3: This milestone was simply a test to make sure that we were learning about cells and diseases. It was a khan academy test. Not much else to say.


Milestone 4: No, it’s not a typo, I meant to type milestone 4, this was because this was the beginning of where the two projects came together. This was the storyboard for our own comic book!

This is the first page of the storyboard (it’s pretty long).

Humanities 5: That’s the comic book! This was the product of all the research we’ve done up the this point. Where we put the knowledge we gained from this and put all of it into a comic book based on <explorer> who gets infected by or affected by <disease>.

Juan Ponce de Leon’s Misfortune

Theres the comic! You might have to download it though.





Establish historical significance: This competency is based on defining what is a “feat worth remembering” this is basically saying “what is significant enough to remember”. I think that I highlighted the important pieces of information about Juan Ponce de Leon with my comic book and showed his achievements in an entertaining way.

Connect: This competency was all about understanding how I, and others one



Questioning and Predicting: This competency was focused on being personally interested about the subject at hand. I think that I was, to an extent, doing extra research for my own curiosity.

Scientific Communication: This competency was for communication of how well you show the real scientific interactions using the proper terms. I think that I definitely could have done a better job with adding more scientific interaction and used more scientific language.

Evaluating: This final competency was based off of an understanding and appreciating the evidence given. I think that I have shown this by creating a fun experience to show what my research has yielded.


I hope that you enjoyed my blog post on my latest project!


An average post about D.I. “Provincials”

With the recent event unfolding, a lot of confusion occurred. This definitely affected everyone immediately, one of those thing affected was D.I.. When D.I. Was cancelled we were definitely wondering what was going to happen from then on. Our teachers decided the show mist go on! No matter the circumstances this was going to happen. With this all happening we had to improvise.

Here was the plan: (please refer to my D.I. Regionals post before you read this post) we would change our entire presentation to help incorporate the online camera aspect. We did this by using the virtual background that zoom provides. We could change the setting easily, and that helped us lots. The only problem that was a large issue was the bridge. In the circumstances we had we had to change lots of the rules. This wasn’t an issue though, because this wasn’t the D.I. tournament we were expecting. Unfortunately I don’t have any images or footage to use because we didn’t think of recording the zoom call. But we changed the story to have us in a sort of competition to create a setting where collaboration in person wasn’t something we required. We did this by having each person making a bridge and our group continuing on with our “three little pigs” vibe. The first bridge was too weak and very light, the second bring too heavy and very strong, and the third being a good balance of light and strong. We tried to use bits and pieces of the children’s story to make our story a little less full of holes.


I hope you enjoyed my reflection on that very new experience! Stay strong!


An average post about designing

Hey! Welcome to another post on my blog! I hope you read all the way to the end of this one too! Enjoy!

This post is based off of our latest project in scimatics; The “Ultimate Design Challenge” this “challenge” was a project where we were to create a 3D design (and print it) in the app Tinkercad™ of course, we were allowed to use other design apps as long as it was possible to find SA (surface area) and V (volume).

Anyway, on to the actual project

Milestone 1: milestone 1 was a chance to think about what we really wanted to design, well what we might design anyway. When I made my “driving question”” as we call it, I thought that I would design a goalie glove for soccer, however, I did end up doing it because it has too many hard calculations.

Milestone 2: this milestone was or once we had decided what we would finally make. I decided to make a wine glass for maximum volume. I chose this one because I thought it would be cool to design something like a cup.

These are the formulas for SA and V for all of the shapes I had at the time

Milestone 3: milestone 3 was the final calculations and measurements for our 3D model. Mine actually had more SA than V which was not my goal.

Here are my final calculations!

Milestone 4: milestone 4 was the final model. We had it sent into our teacher (Mr. Hughes) to be 3D printed at school. Unfortunately for me, my print didn’t work and I had to do without it.

This is a photo of my final model in the app I created it in! Shapr3D!

Milestone 5: milestone 5 was our presentation to the class. This presentation was supposed to include our printed model but only one group had it. My presentation in general was a flop. I didn’t have anything prepared and I think that I can improve on that in the future.


Competency time!

Applying and innovating: this one was based around using your time efficiently and working well. I think that I mostly did this well even though I had some distractions in class.

Reasoning and analyzing: this competency was meant to show how well you can show math in an efficient and convincing way while having it make sense. I think that in my calculations and formulas I showed this well because it shows the numbers in an open are for simplicity.

Communicating and representing: thins competency was pretty simple. It was to show what you know about your calculations and providing proof of them for evidence. Although I didn’t do a good job at this during my presentation, I think that I did have the calculations and formulas in an easy-to-read concept.

until next time!


An average post about things that matter

Matter is everywhere, that means that everything matters, right? Well, yes, but only to an extent. Anyway, let’s get back to the blog post. This post is all about our latest project in scimatics class! This project consisted of atomic models, scientific theories, and the creation of our very own game (or matter simulator). Anyway, let’s get right into it. In this post I will be walking you through (and reflecting) on the scimatics project that goes by the name “Chemistry Coding”.


Milestone 1: Just as all of our scimatics projects start, we made a mind map asking questions about our topics and stating what we already know. Mine had questions about the states of matter and plasma.

(unfortunately I cannot show a picture of this because the file has corrupted)

Milestone 2: This milestone was a challenge to determine the density of 3 unnamed gemstones. Later, we found out that they were all the same gemstone…… the tools we had to identify the gemstones with were a scale, a graduated cylinder, and 3 gemstones. Our task was to identify the 3 gemstones by calculating the density of the gemstones using the tools we were given then using google to find gemstones with densities similar to that of the ones we had (None of us guessed the correct gemstone based only on density).

This is my experiment sheet (our teachers name is Mr.Gross)

Milestone 3: Milestone 3 was a detailed image of an atomic model of your choice. I chose the Rutherford model. My two atoms were hydrogen and helium. Later on, I added a fluorine atom but that wasn’t a part of this milestone.

These were my atomic models! The one on the left is helium, and the one on the right is hydrogen.

Milestone 4: this milestone was where we plan out the rest of our project. In this one, I brainstormed all of the ideas that were eventually coded into my game. One of the ideas I came up with was to make “power-ups” of sorts that make the atoms move faster or slower.

Milestone 5: milestone five was the game itself! You can play it HERE. When I was making this I tried to create as many fun components as possible. Some of these we secret buttons that add some fun things if people find them. If you play the game, try pressing the L key. I hope you enjoy my game!


Now, for the curricular competencies.

Questioning and predicting: This competency is about wanting to learn. I think that when I did this project I really tried to enjoy (and succeeded) learning to code and learning the scientific models and theories.

Scientific Communication: This competency is more focused on the product, that meaning that it was about showing what you have learned in a effective and productive manner. I personally think that my product shows this well and proves that the learning that went into it is there.

Reasoning and Analyzing: This competency is focused on the skills used to create your project. It is also focused on how realistic your product was, and personally, I think that I did well on making it as real as possible while keeping it simple and fun.

You can find my game here if you missed it earlier!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

An average post about laser mazes

Hello again! Yes, I have returned… However, the SBC is over all of these posts will be post about my classes! Anyway, lets get right into this post!

This post is about the latest project that my class has completed. It was called mazer tag. To start off this project we did a fun little activity where we hid our target and took turns shooting our teams laser at the target using a laser pointer and a mirror. My team won (of course) and we moved on to the next activity. The first milestone of this project was a mind map with all of the questions and facts we knew about light going into this project.

Here’s an image of the mind map I made!

The second milestone for “Mazer Tag” was a quiz on the Pythagorean theorem. The Pythagorean theorem is an equation that can be done with a right triangle.

Here is an example of the equation.

The third large task we were assigned was a poster for our school’s winter Star Wars themed exhibition celebrating the release of the new movie Star Wars the Rise of Skywalker. In this poster, we had to show the laser maze that we created, along with the formulas to find the third side of the triangle (the hypotenuse).

This was my group’s poster.

The fourth task for this project was to design your laser carrier. When I say carrier I mean the Star Wars object that is meant to house your laser maze.

[insert sketch of laser maze here]


The fifth thing that we created in this project was, of course, the actual “laser maze” here’s a picture!

This is the laser maze my group made. It’s a venator class star destroyer from the clone wars.

The final milestone included writhing this project is the Star Wars exhibition. (That’s the day im writing this post) the exhibition is a fun, exciting event where we decorate our rooms and present our projects. The laser maze happens to be one of those projects this year!


Now I’m going to be talking about my performance according to the curricular competencies.


Communicating and representing: this competency was about showing formulas and math in understandable, and correct forms. I did this by creating a clear, informative, and easy to understand poster explaining the formula regarding the hypotenuse of my laser triangle.


Applying and innovating: this competency was about teamwork. I did well with my team by effectively finding jobs for everyone to do at most times and completing my share of the project on-time.


Questioning and predicting: The last competency for this project was based all off of personal interest towards the target subject. I think that I performed well on this competency by showing that I was truly interested in the subject at hand by doing research not only on the Star Wars aspects but also the math and science part too.


Anyway guys, thanks for reading this far into the post and I will see you guys in the next post! (It might be about the exhibition)






An average post about reflecting

Hey guys! This is the final post for the SBC 2019! I hope the title didn’t mislead you to thinking about light reflecting… I meant reflecting on all the thing that I’ve done in this year’s SBC.


I’m going to start off with what I thought was the best art of this year’s SBC. I definitely thought that the best part was the music week. I LOVE music. To be perfectly honest, listening to music is one of my favourite things to do! Anyway, onto the next thing. I think that this particular one is kind of important because, well, its regarding the future of My Blog! I’ll be using my blog regularly for the next few years for showing the work I do in school. I don’t know what kind of changes I’ll be making in the next few years but im absolutely sure they’ll be great! Well im happy that I got to participate in all 8 weeks of the challenge this year and I’m sure I’ll be doing it next year too!

During this challenge, I learned a lot of things about blogging as a whole. One of the more important thing that I learned during the SBC was about how people interact and feel when they are on the internet as opposed to real life. The most fun thing that I learned on this wild ride of 8 weeks, was the tools that a blog can give you and the fun times it can bring you.

I also learned how to use HTML!

Now, this is a plan that’s going to explain what im going to be writing about in the next while on my blog after the SBC ends. Ill be publishing reflections on all of the project we do in school (a lot) along with some about off-topic stuff like what im interested in and such. I hope people will continue to visit my blog but to do that ill need to continue to put lots of effort into these post im doing!

Until next time, bye!

I’m glad I got to participate in this year’s SBC!

An average post about holidays

Hey again!

today I’m going to be talking about celebrations and holidays. The first thing that I’m going to share with you is a story of a Christmas Day from 3 years ago.

This story will focus on my dog Lyra. Lyra is an annoying little creature but she is VERY cute and funny. Usually she runs around the house like a maniac with her ball but on Christmas Day she was acting all happy like she was an angel. Of course, we didn’t know why she was acting like the best behaved thing ever but she was. Everyone in my family really believed that this was Christmas miracle. We opened all of the presents (Lyra had hers opened for her) and she didn’t even run around with her new toy. We were all surprised to see that Lyra seemed to somehow know what day it was. On December 26th, of course, she was back to being the annoying little thing that we knew was there.
I know it was a short story but I hope you enjoyed! Now, I’m going to show you a photo that represents Christmas in my family.

As I’m sure for many of you, a Christmas tree is the main symbol for Christmas for you. But for me, this Christmas tree is very special because it is fake. It is special because my entire life I have had a fake Christmas tree. 

I hope you enjoyed my festivity post! See you next time!

An average post about emojis

This is the week 6 SBC post (WOOHOO!)

To start this post off I’m going to do an emoji math test!

🤡 + 🤡 = 36

🍞 x 🤡 = 54

🍞 + 🍜 = 9

🍜 + 🤡 x 🍞 = ????

if you know the answer to the problem be sure to comment it down below!!

This next one is an emoji guessing game!


Can you guess what movie this is?


How about this one? It’s a sport from a movie!



Now, if you guessed those then good for you! This next, and last section is going to be a piece of art that I made using only emojis.


This is the photo I made! I chose winter because it’s just around the corner and it’s my favourite season!


I hope you enjoyed reading my post!
See you next time!