An average post about avoiding copyright on images

This is a post instructing you on how to check if an image you have found on Google are copyright protected or not.

Here are a few ways to check.

1. Does it have a watermark? A watermark is a transparent, usually white company logo or name put on an image when uploaded. For example most all stock images you will find online will have a watermark. If you use a watermarked image without the creators written permission, then you are breaking the copyright laws and you may even be brought to court.

2. Does it have a © symbol? The © symbol simply means that you do not own an image and can not legally use it. So, if you find an image with a © symbol, keep looking.

3. Does the image have a link or a persons name on it? If an image you find on google has one of those skip over it and keep looking for a suitable image.
These were 3 quick, simple, and easy ways to determine if an image is copyrighted! Thanks for reading.

An average post about other blogs

This is a post about HTML! I used HTML to plug my blog in the comments of someone else’s blog. Why? Because I felt like it. I think that HTML is kinda hard to learn but pretty easy to get used to if you know what you’re doing. I like the quick tool cheaty things that you can use for bold or italics or links. Maybe you can use them for yourself.

See ya next time!

Just an average post about commenting

This post is going to be step-by-step instructions on how to comment on my blog. Here we go!

1. Go to any post on my blog

2. Look to the top right corner of the screen for __ (a number) comments.

3. Press the button that says __ comments

4. Scroll down until you see the box that says “Leave a Reply”

5. Press on it and start typing away

6. And finally press post comment when you think that you’ve finished your comment (you can always come back later and edit your comment)


I hope that helped some of you