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Hello everyone! You might already have seen my blog post on DI regionals if you haven’t heres a link (it will give you a more in depth explanation on what DI is about). Anyway during the transition between regionals and provincials we had a month to prepare and edit anything in our play, setup or script we felt was missing, this helped us a lot. Whenever you look at what you’ve done and then say how can I improve this you are always going to improve your work, since we are in PLP we were not new to this approach.

We decided to do quite a bit of editing, not a complete overhaul but we new what we wanted to change and we changed it! Here is our previous scores from DI regionals,

All bolded scores are our overall scores for each category


As you can see we got 169.38 out of 240 which wasn’t too bad since we got second but there was a whole lot we could do better.

As DI was approaching I and I think my team had one goal in mind, be number 1 and I felt pretty confident that our goal was achievable! When our time to present came it went smoothly even though we nearly went over time! It was a great performance and my team did awesome and guess what we came seconding our main challenge and first in the instant!

Of course I wish we have came first in the main challenge as well but when the scores came out I was so surprised!


We were three points away from beating the team in front of us! We may have not came first but the excitement of realizing that you were only 3 points away is way more exciting than actually winning because it just fuels your eagerness to do better.

DI is DI-finatly worth doing because you DI-scouver how to be DI-lligent, work with a team and DI-scouver creativity!


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Kira • April 22, 2019

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