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Oregon advertising

This semester in school we were studying advertising. We learned what that meant, how to advertise and what the process was to create a  paper advertisement. If you have seen my previous post: Deep Cove advertising I wrote about my classes first experience for advertising and making a print advertisement for a small town buissness…

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Oregon trip

My PLP 8 class link an amazing opportunity to go down to the United States of America specifically the Oregon coast for seven days! Wait what? Did you just say that you went down to America with your CLASS!? Yes I did and in this post I will explain all of our educational but fun…

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Emoji art/sentence

This is my post on week threes subject of emojis! Did you understand what the emojis said? Comment down below!  



Pound and grain was such a great learning experience that only furthered my interest in advertising. When we entered the building to when we left it there was an immediate sense of creativity, a modern and energetic feeling! I knew right away that this was something I wanted do as a future job!  So what…

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My first post

Hey! Welcome to my blog! Not only is this my first post but this is my first time blogging so if you have any suggestions or helpful critique it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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