How we keep you informed about consultation

We use a range of communication methods to tell you about opportunities to consult with us.


We publish public notices in the local media.  Ads summarize the consultation dates, where to get more information and any meetings planned.


Local media are encouraged to attend and report on our process and invited to public open houses. NVSD Communications also assists news media with their requests by arranging interviews and providing information.

NVSD Website

The NVSD website has information about programs and services, student success stories and related initiatives in which you can learn more about the School District.


A wide variety of electronic documents are posted to our website and print and promotional materials are available through the School Board Office.

Written correspondence

We usually write to key stakeholders, such as community and parents, advising them of a project, issue or action. If an email list is organized for a specific project, the people on the list are written to as well.


The School District and Board of Education hold public meetings to which all members of the community are welcome. Workshops and focus groups may be held for the general public or for a specific group.

Blog Posts

Blog posts and news items are prepared regularly and posted on the Superintendent’s blog. Anyone in the community can sign-up to stay informed.

Social Media

The School District and a number of trustees participate in Twitter and Facebook. Connect with NVSD through these social media channels.


You can contact us at if you have any questions about consultation activities related to our land management, planning or development initiatives. If you wish to subscribe to our Land Asset News Updates, submit your email address to us on the lower right side of any page on this website and then click “create subscription”.