There are three main options that NVSD can consider for its surplus properties:  short-term rent, long-term lease and re-development or sale, which involves local government and requires public consultation.   The local government process for re-development is generally:

1.  Meet with municipal planners
2.  Hold public information meeting related to specific property
3. Apply for rezoning
4. Town Hall or Developer Information Meeting
5. Advisory Board Review
6. Revision / update to Development Plan
7. Introduction of rezoning bylaw
8. Bylaw readings, public hearing(s)
9. Rezoning

The School District’s process for leasing existing property is as follows:

1. Request for Expressions of Interest (REI) for a particular property
2. Request for Proposals (RFP) by Invitation based on REI
3. Evaluate RFP’s including informing and gathering input from neighbourhoods
4. Negotiate contracts
5. Board approval

Depending upon the proposed use, and an assessment of community impacts, the Board may engage the community in a local consultation process for a property as well. Decisions may also be influenced by feedback collected through the current community engagement initiative.