My user manual

Here is my user manual. It took a really long time to do but was pretty straight forward and easy. While constructing my user manual I learned a lot of tips and tricks from fellow classmates and my teachers. Going into this project i thought i would be clueless because i have never had an iPad before, but i was wrong. I did surprisingly better than i thought i would. Along the way we also did a Memoji laptop with stickers [ which will be shown], an identity wordplay thing and multiple stations to help get the skills we needed. I also had to modify it a little bit so I didn’t post where i live or my gmail. Anyway here is the final project of my user manual and Memoji laptop.

User guide: Gonzalez  

Brand: PLP student 

Model: Landon Gonzalez, iOS  1.3

Product Guide 

Congratulations on your new PLP student, Landon Gonzalez, commonly referred to as Landon or Lando. Your new student comes with functions including, but not limited to, the following:

. It can help fellow class mates with work

. Gets exited about pop culture talk 

. Likes to talk. (Maybe too much) 

. And more to discover!

Getting started 

Before assessing Landon for the first time, you will need to make sure that you bring food because Landon loves his food and will respond better to people who are happy. Don’t be annoying. Landon tends to get upset if you are EXTREMELY annoying, although Landon can handle a little bit of annoying but not a lot. Also be sure to wear a mask because of the whole COVID thing.  


Landon has Instagram and Snapchat but very rarely uses them. 

From Monday to Friday Landon will be at school but on weekends he will most likely be playing his favourite video games such as Call Of Duty, Fortnite or Forza Horizon 4 or playing basketball outside.

 Every other week Landon stays at his dads house and stays there for a week. He doesn’t do much there either then drawing or playing video games. 



Landon has four primary settings: student, gamer, normal person and athlete/active


Setting 1: student

This is the mode you will see at school. This setting will be in progress through 9:30am to 3:00pm. There isn’t that much of a deference between setting one(student) and setting three (normal person) other than that student setting is more prone to listening. This mode should run very smoothly because it has been active for eight years. One thing to be carful of is that if he is drawing on the iPad or on paper he is listening it helps him focus.

Setting 2: gamer 

In gamer mode Landon takes his games pretty seriously. Landon tends to glitch when he’s interrupted a lot. Landon tends to be most happy when playing games and usually plays with friends. Sometimes in intense situations in the game Landon starts to talk very loud because of the intensity. In this mode he is always in is room on the xbox or in the living room playing on the PC.

Setting 3: normal person

When in this mode Landon can be found in numerous places. Landon also tends to do pretty dumb things when in this mode and no one knows what causes it. It could be a malfunction. When outside in this mode Landon is almost always accompanied by a friend. In Landon’s free time, Landon likes to draw a lot (superhero’s to be exact) and while drawing likes to eat. Preferably burritos.   

Setting 4 : active/athlete

In this mode Landon runs fast and try’s his hardest on the field. Landon play multiple sports like soccer, basketball and baseball. Before the global pandemic Landon could be found on the soccer fields on Sunday through out numerous times.


This device may…

 . Get very loud 

. Over exaggerates 

. Gets not smart ideas outside of school 

. Gets distracted 

. Over organized at home but not at school

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