Reflection on Advertisement Drafts

  • Draft 2
For this project our goal was to make an advertisement for a business that our group decided on. We then had to make 3 drafts to show to our group throughout 2 weeks and changed our drafts based on the feedback we got. The ultimate goal for this project was to make 1 good advertisement for our company for them to use. My group took a while to actually get a company. At first we wanted to do Gelato Express but apparently they where out of business. Then we wanted to do Cafe Orso and we started off pretty well, but when Ms. Maxwell called to see if they wanted our help they just declined us. So now we where pretty far behind and decided to do Local Lift which thankfully accepted our offer. We then started all over again and made our 3 drafts.

For my first draft i made 2 ads. 1 ad for smoothies and 1 ad for soup. The smoothie ad had a dark green background for half of the page and the other half smoothies. I put in a text with a more modern font saying “fresh smoothies all year round” and that was it for my smoothie ad. Now for my soup ad, i just did a plain grey background with an image of soup.  I put in a text saying that it was gluten free and vegan friendly and how they have daily soups. As i was making my second draft a problem accord. My first 2 drafts were completely gone. I dont know who but i could no longer access  them. So i had to restart but this time i only did a soup ad.

For my real first draft i did the same style as my smoothie ad but with soup. I made the background white and the text red. I changed the text to say different daily soup to keep you warm this winter and still put that it was gluten free and vegan friendly.. I also added a cool space themed background behind the soup. I also added the location and the website of local lift.

For my second draft almost nothing changed. Before there was this red tag in the bottom right corner so i got rid of that and i also transferred my ad into pro create and made it look shiny and bright. The last change for my second draft was that i added the logo in the bottom right corner.

For my third draft i decided to go for a completely different style. This time i made the whole ad a picture of soup and put a black circle at the top with pink text that said the same thing as my previous draft. I then put that it was gluten and vegan friendly in the bottom right corner and the location in the bottom left.

Over all this has been a really interesting project and i now know a lot more about advertising and how they can manipulate you into buying stuff. Thank you for reading.

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  1. zacharyv · November 9, 2020 at 7:22 pm ·

    Very cool post lando👍