Blogging Challenge Day 11. End

Over the past few days we have been doing a set of blogging challenges for our student blog. These challenges have been different every time. We’ve done your favourite holidays to a free wright to even a random emoji story. Overall this blogging challenge was pretty fun. You kinda had to work around the requirements. It was cool because you got forced to do requirements for each blog and a random theme. My favourite ones that I did where your hobby and a free choice. For the hobby I wrote about my love for collecting Funko pops. For the free choice I nerded out and did superhero’s. I may have done too much on that one. If you want to read those ones here’s a link. Funko link. Superhero link. 

 I feel like these blogging challenges really helped me become a better learner and a better writer in general. Ive learned a ton of stuff about how to make a good blog post witch is super helpful and useful because in PLP, at the end of each project you have to wright a summative blog post about the most recent project. I usually struggle with the blog posts but the set of challenges really did give me some good tips and ways to improve my blogging skills. We also learned things about our blog that we didnt know was even possible (or at least I didnt) like embedding a YouTube video,  categorized posts and more. I’m definitely going to use these tricks on my later blogs to improve them. 

 A few topics I might continue to blog about are: 

  1. Random story’s, I got a few comments saying that my story was good and I genuinely had really fun writing it so I’m probably going to wright more story’s like that. 
  2. Funko pops. For anyone who wants to start a collection of there own or just has questions can come to the blog if  I follow through. I’m also going to include new releases, trending pops, upcoming and ones that I think will go up in overall value. 
  3. Last one that I might do is anything superhero related. There is so much to share about this fandom and I really enjoyed writing about that topic.             

     We also got this pretty cool certificate thingy so ill show that here.

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