Toe Jammer and his Jeep.

Another blogpost means another project completed. This past project was called “The Ultimate Design Challenge.” In this project we had to create a 3D model in a online modelling website called tinkercad, and the model had to be optimized for either maximum surface area or maximum volume. Since the last project I did I was really hoping we wouldn’t have to use another annoying website and I was wrong. Tinkercad was really hard and weird to control and actually making the project was really hard too. That’s besides the point.

Thankfully, for this project we got to work in partners. I picked Xander as my partner and we worked very well together. The first milestone was easy and we just had to hand in what we would be designing. We picked the single most amazing creature ever…… Toe Jammer. But how is Toe Jammer going to go to the store? With is beautiful blue Jeep! I was going to model Toe Jammer and Xander was doing the Jeep.

Milestone 2 was also fairly easy. We just had to hand it the formulas we where going to use to calculate the surface area and volume of our object. My toe jammer only used 3 shapes, a semi-sphere, a cool cone hat and 13 toes. Milestone 3 we just had to calculate them and make ratios. This was hard because calculating a cone and semi-spheres are pretty hard.

After we finished all the calculations and models we had to put it into a keynote presentation and present it to the class. I felt pretty good about it. I probably could have talked slower and explained my math a little better but other than that I did fairly well.

Core Competencies

Applying and innovating: just using class time well. I am proficient in this competency because i did a lot of my project at school and used it well. There where times when I was off topic or lost focus in the project.

Reasoning and Analyzing: this one is just about making a 3D model using 10 basic shapes 2 to 3 different shapes and have your model be for maximum surface area or volume. I feel extending on this because I used 3 shapes that where very hard to calculate and some of the shapes we weren’t even taught how to do. My toe jammer was for maximum SA but turned out to have more volume instead.

Communicating and Representing: calculations are accurate and presented well to the class. I’m developing in this one because I did a lot of the measurements correctly but didnt do a very good job presenting it to the class. I talked to fast and didnt talk enough about the mathmatical parts.

Overall this project was better than the last one and had fun working with my partner. I learned a lot about measuring 3D shapes and designing them too. Next project is about comics and i love comics so hopefully this next one is good so I can go full nerd mode. 🦸‍♂️

Later 👋



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