Escape Sepaus

Hello again. It’s been a while since Ive written a blog post. Over the past month we’ve been working on a project called exponent laws. In this project we learnt all about exponent laws by doing a ton of textbook worksheets and making a game involving the exponent laws. For this project we got to close our partners so I decided to work with 2 slatts, Mateo and Cole.

Like every plp math project we always start out with a mind map and brainstorming ideas on a whiteboard. After that we had to come up with a game only using dice to get our ideas flowing.

Around the middle of the project we had a khan academy test to test our knowledge on all of the worksheets we’ve done.

Now you may be asking, “Landon, why is Sepaus’ name in the title?” Well ill tell you young lads. Our game is called escape Sepaus. Sepaus’ was a big scary monster (yes we had permission) and sepaus was the whole game board. You got to pick from 6 characters to play a. Shrek, Donkey Kong, a doctor, Hog rider, Mr. Pringle and Patrick Star. The goal of the game was to get 5 glue sticks and you had to get 2 raisins to get a glue stick. Every space was a different math question, if you got it right, you got a raisin. Get it wrong you get nothing.

We had a good idea for the game it just took a long time to get the rules done becuase I got sick so Mateo and Cole where alone, then Cole got sick so me and Mateo had to do it. Once the game rules where set the game was already due next class. So Cole and I went to Mateos house for 3 hours to grind out the game board and it looks amazing.

Even though we where behind we still finished on time and had a lot of fun sharing our game and making it. Overall we got a ☀️ and I’m pretty happy with that based on having 2 members sick.

Core Competicies

Reasoning and Analyzing

We created a clear and simple point system using raisins and glue sticks. The win conditions in our game where carefully thought of and designed.

Communicating and Representing

A clear and simple set of rules on how each player takes his or hers turns is established. We where supposed to use 4 exponent laws but we only used 1. So we didn’t entirely accomplish this one.

Applying and Inovating

We used most of our class time efficiently and we had some distractions or we where off topic but at least we finished the project and accomplished it. Me Mateo and Cole all worked hard and made sure we where doing our work. We all contributed an equal amount of work. No one did more or less than expected.

in conclusion I had a lot of fun working on this project and am glad we accomplished and got to work with partners. Im looking forward to the next project where we get to work in partners once again.

Aight imma dip, later.